“Great nuts, great project results” – Brainfood made by KERNenergie

Brainfood made by KERNenergie

Nuts improve your mental capacities. Our little energy packs were able to prove this at the recent PR-Hackathon, organized by news aktuell GmbH and next media accelerator. How our “Moulin Rouge” Nut-Fruitmix supported those in attendance, was summarized by news aktuell Marketing Manager Flora Holder:

KERNenergie Brainfood for the PR Hackathon

“PR needs fresh ideas! That’s why we, from news aktuell and the next media accelerator with “Mission PR”, organized the first PR-Hackathon in Germany. For three days developers, designers, and communicators worked together to develop “out-of-the-box” ideas and think about creative new formats to develop to achieve PR greatness. For such occasions a great assistance comes in the form of brainfood, to keep your brain cells going at top speed. KERNenergie gave us the Nut-Fruitmix “Moulin Rouge” to help our participants stay focused and strengthen their mental capabilities whilst offering a sensational taste experience. Great nuts, great project results: The first PR-Hackathon was a spectacular success and will move onto round 2 in Hamburg on February 2018 – Of course, once again together with KERNenergie.”

Team 14 united with KERNenergie Brainfood to develop ideas for the future

New Brainfood: KERNenergie supplies your meetings with energy

For your next meetings and project groups, we would like to introduce our new brainfood-varients in our Product Assortment: The Nut-Fruitmixes “Super Brain-Mix” & “Marcona Cherry Fruit Mix”. Developed by our very own roast master, using the most luxurious nuts and berries, these powerful compositions will give your employees and meeting attendees a spectacular energy boost.

Super Brain-Mix“: Composed of roasted cashews, almonds, Pistachios, pumpkin seeds, raisons, barberries, and mulberries.
Marcona Cherry Fruit-Mix The renowned Marcona almonds meet cashews, pecans, dried sour cherries and cranberries.

Store the new brainfood variants in kilogram size using our round aluminium tin and outfit your conference room with glass decanters, that you can fully customize as you see fit and refill using our state of the art nut scoop.

For quite some time we’ve had many other brainfood variants in our assortment of products, that you can also order in our aluminum tins or our new, resealable 50g on-the-go Flowpacks. All of these product offerings are available fully customizable with your logo or an individualized message. This is a great way to transport your brand from the meeting room and remain in the positive memory of the receivers. Let our sales team advise you, and assist in finding the right nut-fruitmix to best serve as brainfood during meetings.

Brainfood made by KERNenergie

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