KERNenergie in the culinary network - Delicacies Partner of ChefHeads

KERNenergie in the culinary network – Delicacies Partner of ChefHeads

KERNenergie: An Official Partner of the ChefHeads Culinary Network

We look forward to our membership with the experts in delicacies at ChefHeads – the Club of kitchen chefs – an organization renowned for its quality and masterful skills as well as its ability to exchange experience and guide members, friends, partners, and sponsors towards culinary greatness.

The Culinary Network

ChefHeads is organized by the honorary Presidents Guido Fritz, “3*- Chef-Legend” Dieter Müller and “Sugarbaker” Georg Maushagen as the first german-language “Culinary Network” in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy. Only recently was the Chefs-Community expanded to include the Italian region, thanks to the additions of Sergio Dussin (Chef of the Pope) as well as Italian truffle expert Alberto Melagrana. Together they follow a common goal to promote unique culinary recipes from across Europe and beyond. In the process, the values, delicious products, and the creative genius of the chefs are combined to inspire their delectable recipe ideas.

KERNenergie Recipe Ideas
The main goal is not solely to present and create delicious tastes and recipes, far more important is personal engagement, so that regional culinary traditions are both valued and passed along. That means that for all members of the culinary network a common rule applies: A passion for one’s own region, traditions, and culinary specialties. An ideal basis for a successful partnership with KERNenergie: The Market Leader in Quality for freshly roasted premium nuts, that are always freshly produced in our freshness-manufactory through the craft-full diligence of our own Master Roaster and then hand-packaged and labeled by our KERNenergie Production Team.

ChefHeads and KERNenergie

In the spirit of culinary cooperation, we are particularly excited to present you with a wide range of incredible Food Pairing ideas, where the top chefs of the ChefHeads Network will regularly unite the aromatic harmony of our gourmet nuts and their first class meals. With their recipe creations hailing from the kitchen of professionals, the master chefs will greatly enhance our Recipe Lounge (currently only available in German – English translations are available upon request). This will give you inspiring new ideas for how to make the best use of our premium freshly-roasted nuts, kernels, and dried fruits.

We eargly await the culinary inspirations and the synergy that will be achieved by our united efforts to present you with exceptional quality and guide you along delicious new avenues of flavor.

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