• Denis Burghardt

    Denis Burghardt


    Denis has established a great KERN-Team thanks to both his enthusiasm and expertise. He explores the world as a traveler in search of the most delicious tastes, looking for the best nuts and seasonings that are most suited for our Gourmet Products. Where the energy of nuts should go is not something he places in question - as a surfer it's clear to him that they should go towards promoting sporting activities. Phone: +49 60 22 68 720 - 0

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  • Fiete Lohf

    Fiete Lohf

    Fiete helps to coordinate the production of our products and is involved in several exciting projects. His favourite snack are our salted pecans.
  • Johannes Rämisch

    Johannes Rämisch

    Johannes is part of our Product Management team. He takes care of all the wines you can find on our website and is in contact with the wineries. Of course, he loves to combine nuts with wines. His favorite combination is Chat Sauvage - Pinot Noir with roasted and salted pecans.
  • Meinrad Franz

    Meinrad Franz

    For Meinrad it's all about numbers. He looks at KPIs, manages reports and our operating accounting. His favorite nut is the Macadamia.
  • Lucas Höllriegl

    Lucas Höllriegl

    Sales Management/Operations

    At KERNenergie, Lucas is in charge of the distribution of our delicious nuts and nut mixtures in the Customer Competence Center, as well as in the Operations division. His favorite mixture is the slightly salty Nordic Deluxe Mix. Phone: +49 60 22 68 720 - 17

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  • Ramona Lebert

    Ramona Lebert

    International Sales

    At KERNenergie, Ramona is responsible for the distribution of our delicious nuts and, as a talented linguist, primarily for our international customers. She prefers to snack the mixture Sweet & Salty or everything sweet that our assortment has to offer. Phone: +49 60 22 68 720 – 12

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  • Our production team

    Our production team

    PCC - Production Competence Center

    Our production team is responsible for roasting your nut mixes. With great care and lots of love they roast and mix and the nuts and fill them in our KERNenergie tins - all by hand!
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