Gourmet Quality Cashews

Gourmet Quality Cashews

KERNenergie Cashews
Cashews have several interesting names. Botanists call them “Anacardium”, where Ana means “from above” and cardium means heart. The name “Kidney Tree” is also fitting. The shape of a cashew is reminiscent of a kidney. The nut grows outside on a fruit. That’s why she is also known as “Elefant Louse”. The name cashew comes from India. There edible fruits are also called case, caja or acajou.

The Home of Cashews

Originally the cashew came from Brazil. Through Portuguese conquerer it made its way to far away lands. The cashews you can find today come from Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, India, and Brazil. The cashew belongs to the family “sumacs” and is not actually a nut. It grows outside on the stem of the fruit, the so-called cashew-apple. You can find it on trees from heights of 12 to 15 meters above you. It has a red to yellow tone and is very beloved due to its sweet-sour taste. The juice is also suitable for the production of cashew juice or marmalade.

The Cashew Tree reaches a height of up to 12 - 15 Meters.The nut, that is fun

The cashew is a supplier of magnesium and phosphorus. Magnesium and Phosphorus are responsible for the strengthening of bones as well as maintaining the activities of enzymes. Further, the nut contains a great amount of iron. Iron is a part of hemoglobins that are within the red blood cells and are responsible for the transport of oxygen throughout the body. Beyond this, a large amount of the essential amino acid Tryptophan is found within cashews. With the help of Tryptophan the body can build up serotonin. Serotonin is a messenger substance for maintaining a good mood. On the other hand, the darkness of night allows the important sleep hormone Melatonin to be processed using Serotonin.

First on the Tree then it’s a dream

After the harvest there are still numerous steps waiting for you. The shell of the nut contains a toxic oil. That’s why the nut is first roasted within its shell. The heat deactivates the poison. Finally the cashew is cracked open. This often is done through hand-work, by hitting the hard shell twice or three times on its corner. In the end the skin of the nut has to be removed by hand. That’s why the cashew belongs to the more expensive fruits. It’s very popular as a snack for in between or after work. Of course, you can also use them well when baking or when cooking. It’s especially well paired with curry recipes. Eating cashews is as beautiful as a wonderful dream!

Try the one of a kind taste experience experienced only with KERNenergie cashewsKERNenergie Nut Master’s Favourites

With KERNenergie you can be sure that you only receive premium best quality nuts. These KERNenergie Gourmet Cashews originate from Vietnam or India. The KERNenergie master roaster knows the best suppliers of cashews. He knows that the experienced farming families pay attention to the needs of the plant. The production of the delicious cashews follows natural processes free of pesticides. To avoid pests, weeds are planted in a circle one meter around the tree. This makes it more difficult for pests to climb onto the tree.

Try the unique taste experience yourself! Fill out our individualization requests form to order these culinary treats, whether unroasted or roasted, salted or unsalted, seasoned or not. We also have chocolate-covered cashews for the chocolate lovers out there. The mix „Blaubeeren Melange“ (Blueberry Melange) also allows every day to feel like a special one. The mix delights with its one of a kind combination of delicious cashews, walnuts, and sweet fruits.

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