Delectable Macadamia Nuts

Delectable Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia Nuss – die "Königin der Nuss"The Macadamia nut is also known as the “Queen of Nuts”. This is the most fitting name for these delectable nuts. Slightly sweet, with vanilla aroma, these tender nuts are a very special delicacy.

With Roots Down Under

Have you ever heard of Baphal? According to Legen, the Macadamia was discovered by a young Aborigine named Baphal, who left his tribe to protect the land of his forefathers. During his travels, he hurt his foot. Friendly animals brought him water and delicious nuts. The animals made a fire out of the leaves of the tree, so that Baphal could be found by his tribe. After Baphal was discovered, the Aborigines named the nuts “Baphals Nuts”. The Europeans discovered the Macadamia much later. The “Queen of Nuts” earned the English name by a German Emigrant to Australia, Doctor of Pharmacy Ferdinand Mueller, in 1848. He chose the name “Macadamia” to honor his friend, the researcher John MacAdam.

The Macadamia is at home on the tropical east coast of Australia.Where does the Queen feel at home?

The Macadamia feels at home in the tropical east coast of Australia. You can find the Macadamia Tree on numerous Plantations in the Northeast of New South Wales as well as the eastern part of Queensland. The Macadamia is, as is proper for a queen, sophisticated and requires a lot of attention when grown. After an average of seven years of intensive care, the nut tree has enough ripe nuts for a harvest. After 15 years you can achieve approximately seven harvests a year of up to 50 Kilograms worth of nuts each time.

At the Tree – And then?

Also during the harvesting process the Macadamia has to be handelt like royalty. Harvesters wait for the ripe nuts to fall on their own from the tree. To remove the shell, the nut is then dried. This makes the nut shrink a bit in size. Finally, the three millimeter thick Shell is cut open and the Macadamia is carefully removed. After the Macadamias are sorted by quality and size, they’re roasted and finally begin the voyage to foreign lands. Not with KERNenergie, we only buy completely untreated Macadamias and then roast them ourselves with our Roast Master’s special Roasting technique. This fresh-roasting allows the Macadamias we provide to have a most delightful aroma and assures an unforgettably delicious taste.

The Shell of the Macadamia has a thickness of approximately 3mm.The Macadamia has got it going on

A balanced nutrition is important for you. Fat plays a part in a well-balanced diet. There are differences here, however. The fat of Macadamias is to 82% made up of unsaturated fatty acids, such as Omega 3. Omega 3 Fatty Acids have at least as important a role for your body’s wellbeing as vitamins. They have positive reactions for many functions of a body’s inner workings especially the cardiovascular system. Research has shown that a regular daily intake of Omega 3 fatty acids reduces the risk of death due to cardiovascular problems by 30 – 50 percent. The human body can’t create Omega 3 Fatty Acids on its own, it has to receive these from food. That’s why the German Association of Nutrition as well as the German and International Association of Cardiology highly recommends a regular daily intake of Omega 3 Fatty Acids. That means that when you eat the nuts you’re doing something good for your body. But that’s not all, the Macadamia also contains a large amount of Vitamin B, Calcium, Iron, and Phosphorus.

Sugared Macadamia Nuts in our 60g TinKERNenergie Nut Master’s Favourites

Enough theories, give Macadamias a try! Simply take a look at our individualization requests form and place a non-binding order or get in touch with us for a free consultation to help you get started. One of our favorites is Macadamia VIP-Curry. The Queen of Nuts, refined and seasoned with a curry-seasoning, tastes like the sun of Australia combined with the seasonings of Indian and Middle Eastern nations. Our Sugared Macadamias are also sure to impress with their one of a kind taste as it touches your tongue. After biting through the crispy outer layer made out of cane sugar, you will witness the delicious aromas found within the nut. For those who prefer a mix, we have our “Exotic Melange”. In this mix you will find peanuts, pecans, pistachios, smoked almonds, and pumpkin seeds amongst the beloved Macadamia.

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