Peanuts Full of Flavour

Peanuts Full of Flavour

Peanuts play a large part in the traditional Asian diet. Those who search for peanuts, will find what they are looking for under the names Achanti, Arachis, or Cameroon Nut. Worldwide between 30 and 40 million tons of peanuts are harvested every year. But that is also a necessity. Alone in Germany approximately 60,000 Tons of the delicious nuts will be imported this year. What do we use these nuts for? There are many products where you can find peanuts again. We eat them with chocolate, as peanut butter, or peanut puffs and use them to cook or make peanut oil. The nut remains a beloved snack whether in its natural form with shell or lightly salted.

To be (a nut) or not to be?

The original home of the peanut lies in South America. The Incas saw them as a divine meal, since it is especially nutritious. They even buried the dead with a peanut to take it with them into the afterlife. The slave trade brought the valuable peanuts to Africa. Today you can find Peanuts n the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Africa or China. A small amount are also grown in Europe.

A Peanut field in South America.
From a botanical standpoint, the peanut is no nut at all. Her English name “Peanut” is a clear reference to peas putting it into the legume family. The fat content of peanuts is much higher in comparison to other legumes however and she is already highly enjoyable raw and unsalted. You can find them underground: They come from a Bush that grows up to 60cm in height, whereas the stem of the fruit burrow underground. The ripe fruits are usually harvested in the double-pack in a practical container. The Peanut thrives in high temperatures of 25-30 degrees Celsius on smooth sandy soil.

Peanuts and Nutrition

The delicious peanut plays an important role in nutrition. The fat of the nut is up to 80% oil and linoleic acid, two very important acids. The fatty acids give the peanut a longer period of preservability. Peanuts only contain a small amount of Vitamin A and C, but roasted nuts contain a large amount of folic acid, niacin, and Vitamin E. Vitamin E is important for strengthening the body’s immune system and can help prevent the formation of cancer and arteriosclerosis. Our body is not able to produce Vitamin E by itself. That’s why it is vital to eat foods that contain the important vitamin. Unfortunately only 50% of Germans eat the daily recommended amount. The Peanut is traditionally found in asian cooking. Research has shown that asians have a very long lifespan due to their nutritious diet. A further plus of the delicate Peanut is the content of Magnesium within. Magnesium counts as a natural stress-killer amongst minerals.

The Love of the Peanut

The quality of peanuts is strongly dependent on its storage conditions. Optimal storage conditions for peanuts are cool temperatures and a low level of humidity. Proper ventilation is an effective way to prevent the development of mould. After storage the Peanut is peeled and sorted by size and quality. Finally the possibility to roast the Peanut remains. When keeping the nuts at home you should be careful to make sure that the delicious peanuts are not kept near cheese, fruits, or other foods that could impact the taste of the peanut due to the natural absorption capabilities of peanuts.

KERNenergie Nut Master’s Favourites

Peanuts roasted in gourmet quality peanut oil.
Most Peanuts are roasted in coconut oil. KERNenergie however uses peanut oil, enabling the full flavor of peanuts to be realized. As with all nuts, we also make sure that peanuts are only sourced from the best growing locations around the world. The quality of nuts can be divided into 15 different quality levels. The delicious KERNenergie nuts come solely in the levels 1 to 3. In this dimension of quality the nuts are differentiated solely by their size.

KERNenergie draws most of our high-quality peanuts from Virginia and China, since this is where the highest quality are grown. But don’t take our word for it. Fill out our individualization requests form and indulge in the best premium quality peanuts. The golden raw Peanuts are just as recommended as our sweet chocolate-covered varieties. Our Wasabi Nuts also impress with their impeccably delicious peanut taste combined with a light touch of spicy, the Japanese Wasabi kind.

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