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    Gourmet Nuts made by KERNenergie: Perfect for Bars

    Gourmet Nuts perfect for bars

    The time when clubbers and cocktail lovers were satisfied with stale peanuts or just spicy wasabi at bars – is over. As guest expectations grow, so does the bar owners’ desire to offer their guests the highest quality in all respects.

    With KERNenergie delicious nut mixes you are opting for the best: using only the highest quality raw ingredients, we roast our nuts fresh and deliver them just in time to impress your guests with the outstanding flavor and the enticing aroma of our exquisite offerings.

    Drink and Dine is the new trend and we at KERNenergie are ready to impress your sophisticated guests with our premium nuts and nut mixes to complement your carefully selected drinks and delicious cocktails.

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