Freshly Roasted Nuts
Our Freshness Guarantee

Fresh Nuts: The KERNenergie Taste Experience

The taste of freshly roasted nuts – Only the best nuts, ingredients, and seasonings

When creating our products KERNenergie uses only premium-quality nuts, ingredients, and seasonings sourced from the best locations around the world.



KERNenergie offers a spectacular variety of nuts, nut-mixes and dried fruits. The ingredients for our numerous product offerings are always of the highest quality. Our Nut Sommeliers use only the best spices and seasonings in order to take our nuts and create a truly unique and delicious product for you. This assures that every one of our high-quality products is one-of-a-kind and extraordinarily delicious.

Whether roasted or natural, salted or unsalted, or chocolate-covered: We have the right product for everyone’s taste buds. This attention to detail is why we have arrived at our large variety of product offerings. Nearly 100 different nuts, kernels and fruits are available to you. Hearty walnuts from Chile, crispy Turkish hazelnuts or delicious coconuts from Thailand, variety is our middle name. We offer you the opportunity to make the unique taste experience even broader through the use of our Mixer. The Mixer allows you to take many different nuts and fruits and mix them together into your very own nut mix or nut-fruit mix. Meaning KERNenergie offers you a virtually limitless number of nutty moments to be enjoyed.



The premium ingredients used, the special roasting procedure, and the high quality nuts make the nut-mixes made by KERNenergie a truly unique product. Where we obtain our nuts and fruits plays a significant part in our process. We source our nuts and fruits from the most varied regions around the world. The reason for this is that we want to assure the highest quality for all of our product offerings. For this very reason we source our nuts from the best growing locations around the world. Bolivian Brazil Nuts, Australian Macadamia Nuts, Spanish Almonds or Indian cashews – every nut comes from the very best location for the nut in question. This is how we can assure you the greatest levels of indulgence.

The selection process for the country of origin is the beginning for our Nut Sommelier in his quest to assure our Freshness Guarantee. We only work with suppliers who meet our high-quality demands. The nuts are harvested at the right time, when they are ripe and have developed their full flavor.

The subsequent storage follows under ideal conditions, in order to maintain the outstanding taste, freshness and natural properties found within.



The masterful preparation of nuts requires expertise, skill, and passion. Regular roasting techniques allow oxygen to penetrate the pores of nuts, this weakens their flavor and aroma. Our nuts are freshly prepared in our production site located in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main area, with techniques that maintain the tasteful oils and free their natural aroma.

Our Roast-Masters remain true to 400 years of roasting traditions passed along the generations. The knowledge gained along the way allows for expertise and precision in their efforts to perfect the innovative preparation of various nut types and nut-mixes. Many years of experience from our roasters are transferred to our nuts, giving them their one-of-a-kind premium quality. Our special taste and masterfully crafted nut-mixes are achieved through a concerted effort by our roasting specialists. We give you the special KERNenergie taste experience by using the best high-quality components and applying our special roasting techniques.

The roasting process only begins after you place your order with delivery following directly after. This allows the magnificent aroma to be maintained and assures the nuts arrive fresh at your door – every time.

  • KERNenergie doesn’t produce on stock.
  • Our renowned roasting process only occurs after we receive your order, allowing the natural taste of our nuts to remain in prime condition. The special roasting process, where our nuts are prepared in all-natural nut oil, enable the ethereal oils of the nuts to be fully realized.
  • Shortly thereafter we ship these luxurious nuts and delectable nut-mixes straight to your door – we call this KERNenergie Freshness Logistics.
  • The Result: You receive the magnificent nuts full of truly unique and natural flavors.



KERNenergie does not produce on stock. Only after we successfully receive your order does the gentle, yet effective, roasting process begin. After this is completed, we ship our freshly roasted nuts directly to you. This is the distinguished KERNenergie Freshness Logistics. Only KERNenergie will give you nuts with such a refined level of freshness. Our nuts are only harvested when they have reached the optimum level of maturity, when they have developed their full flavor. The storage procedure between harvest and roasting is also done under ideal conditions, that maintain the freshness and full flavor of each and every one of our nuts.

The shelf life of our nuts and kernels is about a year. That said, we recommend that you eat our nuts and nut-mixes when they are as fresh as possible, in order to experience the full flavor and intensive aroma.

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