Personalized Tins with Your Logo: Made by KERNenergie

Personalized Tins with Your Logo: Made by KERNenergie

Personalized Tins

Personalized KERNenergie nuts and nut-mixes offer an exclusive taste experience for everyone’s taste buds. Just as personalized as our numerous nut-mixes, is the opportunity to create your very own Label – entirely as you desire it. Whether for your minibar or as part of a special VIP treatment for your guests, whether as a brain food to give your day an energy boost or as a snack offered in your Hotel’s Bar – KERNenergie offers this tremendously successful opportunity to please and impress your guests.


The Four Steps to successfully deliver your Brand Message:


What size should it be?1. What size should it be?

The basis for an attractive eye-catcher are the charming aluminum tins made by KERNenergie. Whether you would rather place the 60g or 100g varieties in your minibar or sell them in your hotel’s bar is up to you.

Spicy, salty, fruity or sweet?

2. Well-Spized, salty, fruity or sweet?

A salty/spiced nut-mix for your minibar or chocolate-covered nuts as part of a VIP treatment for your guests. All doors are open to you in deciding the right taste for you. We are glad to consult with you personally and share our expertise with you to make the right decision.
How should the Label look?

3. How should the Label look?

You have the choice whether you want to display a picture of the nuts on your Label or not. The re-utilization of your label is simplified for you, should you choose the variant without a picture. No additional costs would be incurred, allowing more flexibility.

The KERNenergie Logo-Flatrate!

4. The KERNenergie Logo-Flatrate!

The Label is always available to use and re-use without incurring any additional costs. This is why a large buy for storage purposes on your part is unnecessary.

Personalized Tins

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