Customizable and Individualized Tins made by KERNenergie

Customizable and Individualized Tins made by KERNenergie

Personalized, luxurious, and original: Premium Gorumet Nuts packaged in high quality KERNenergie Tins. This is the ideal present to show your appreciation for your employees, clients, and business partners. Success is guaranteed!

Your Personalized Label – A small gesture with a big impactA charming individualized tin for our clients

You choose the message on your label: Whether it’s “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Birthday”, “Happy New Year”, etc. Of course always completed with your company logo. To help you, we provide you with templates, that you can use together with your Marketing Team. When you’re finished simply send us your final Layout-Design when you place your order.

Labeling – Deliver your Brand with Success

Be creative! If you want to truly impress your clients, suppliers, and employees then customize the entire tin completely to your wishes. In your corporate design, with your logo, and with your very own personalized message.


“Not too flashy, but also not meagre, not too extravagant but still a delightful surprise, it should transport your brand not just advertise it.”

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