KERNenergie Exclusive: Gift Ideas for the Christmas Season

KERNenergie Exclusive: Gift Ideas for the Christmas Season

Our Christmas Gift Ideas for your Esteemed Guests & clients

Christmas Season is getting closer and almost upon us. We’re pleased to present you with our exclusive KERNenergie Christmas Gift Ideas, an ideal way to recognize your most highly esteemed guests and clients. This way you can give the gift of luxuriously-packaged high-quality and fresh gourmet nuts. Simply use this individualization requests form and let us know what you are interested in

Personalized Gift Ideas made by KERNenergie

The gifts you give to your most important guests and clients should be just as special and exquisite as your hotel or company is known for being. Our individualized gift ideas are the best way to create a lasting impression. Not only our tins are individually customizable, our packaging, such as the elegant black-gold gift box or the Italian-Handcrafted Wood Box, are also fully customizable just the way you like it.

New Gift Sets with 200g Tins, Packaged in our Black-Gold Gift Box
Already for some time, we’ve had our 8 Bestsellers available in the 200g tin in new design. We offer you multiple taste varieties just in time for Christmas. Our Luxury-Set or our Schlemmer-Set (Gourmet Set), each with 4x200g tins, come packaged in our black and gold gift box available online.

2_Gift Ideas

Perfectly suited as a small recognition of your best clients. It goes without question that you can customize both the gift box as well as the aluminum tins with your own individualized branding or a personalized message on the design. Simply contact us either by placing an individualization request using our Homepage, via email at, or by Phone: +49 (0)40 39 80 78 223.

Wood Box Gift Set with 60g or 100g Aluminum Tins
Our Wood Boxes, handcrafted in Italy, are the ideal present, filled with an exclusive selection of our Gourmet Nuts. Both the Wood Box, as well as our aluminum tins, are fully customizable and available to you just the way you want them.

3_Gift Ideas

The Limited Edition X-Mas Design: One of KERNenergie’s Gift Ideas

Starting immediately, only while supplies last, we present you our Limited Edition X-Mas Design of our Gift Boxes as well as our Wood Boxes: Filled with an exclusive selection of our aluminum tins emblazoned with a beautifully designed X-Mas label. You can choose from the following sets: The Nutcracker Set (8x 100g Tins), Sweet Christmas-Set (4x100g Tins), the Big Christmas-Set (8x 200g Tins) or the Small Christmas-Set (4x 200g Tins) available in a gift box as well as an X-Mas Special Edition Wood Box (8x 100g Tins). The 100g tins are available in a white label and the 200g tins in a black label. The different combinations of freshly-roasted delicacies are sure to be a well-received surprise for every nut friend, especially during the Christmas Season or as a New Years Greeting.

4_Gift Ideas

The KERNenergie Team is always ready and happy to assist you if you have any further questions or require assistance. Simply Contact us Here

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