KERNenergie in Switzerland's Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

KERNenergie in Switzerland’s Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Guests can enjoy the truly spectacular combination of luxury hotel, culinary success, fitness & wellbeing, business and golf found at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. We are proud of our cooperation with the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, located approximately 1 hour from Zurich, the “best wellness hotel in Switzerland” (SonntagsZeitung, 2016).

Located in the Swiss holiday region of Heidiland, the Resort (founded in 1242 thanks to the discovery of a hot spring) offers an extraordinary and authentic Spa experience.

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz Thermal Spa

The hot spring offers numerous medical benefits, according to the internationally renowned Swiss Olympic Medical Center, as well as other respected medical organizations. In 2014, the outpatient medical services were expanded to include a stationary clinic for rehabilitation. The «Medical Master» (Tatler Spa Awards 2016) includes, next to 17 clinic rooms, over 267 luxurious rooms and suites. The seven restaurants (with 58 GaultMillau-Points and 1 Michelin Star, a bistro, as well as a café offer tremendous culinary variety. The experience, on location, is enhanced by two outstanding golf courses, the Kursaal Business & Event Center, a rich selection of cultural experiences, the hot springs Tamina Therme, as well as the Resort’s very own in-house casino.

The 36.5° Wellbeing-Package

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz offers an outstanding combination of classic and elegant, highly modern and puristic, traditional and comfortable as well as historic and lavishly decorated rooms. This offers every and any guest just what they are looking for. Included in the room price, is a combination of hospitality, wellbeing & fitness, culture and literature as well as transportation and further services.

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz Junior Suite Bedroom

Included is a generous breakfast buffet, access to the 36.5° Wellbeing & Thermal Spa offering a one of a kind bathing experience in the beloved Tamina Therme (a hot spring open to the public), exclusive care and beauty products as well as the use of the modern fitness center work-IT-out and BENEFIT. The cultural and literary offerings available in the 36.5° Wellbeing-Package include a selection of newspapers, access to the literary works in the Resort’s own Library, as well as access to the multifaceted cultural program such as piano music in the afternoon. Further special services, that take your experience to the next level, include the ability to test drive the popular Porsche Fun Car (3 Hours, excluding gasoline costs), access to mini golf courses, and the lease of Flyer-Electric Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Head-Testskis, and Head-Tennis Rackets. This transports guests to experience new levels of satisfaction and culinary indulgence.

KERNenergie in the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

We are ecstatic about our united vision with the first class wellness hotel, that is further enhancing its culinary greatness with gourmet nuts made by KERNenergie. You’ll find a spectacular combination of delicious freshly-roasted KERNenergie nuts, that are given a classic Bad Ragaz touch in their presentation. Amongst the delicacies found are, the scrumptious-delicious nut-mix “Safari”, the spicy “Wasabinuts” and the luxurious nut mix from down under “Australian Gold”.

KERNenergie nuts in the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

These well-spiced delicious snacks are offered as a perfect complement to drinks at the bar. Additionally, the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz places kg-sized orders, which are stored in our large round aluminum tins, offering an airtight seal to assure freshness. Nut portions are then distributed into elegant bowls for the Bad Ragaz’s esteemed guests. In the rooms and suites, you will find our elegant Aluminum tins customized with an individualized label as a special welcoming present.

KERNenergie in the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

This enables the Hotel-Brand to be transported well beyond the grounds of the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. Our sales team is pleased to assist you in determining the best uses of our gourmet nuts across your (Wellness) Hotel.

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