GLOBUS delicatessa: KERNenergie now available - for a limited time!

GLOBUS delicatessa: KERNenergie now available – for a limited time!

Special Promotion at GLOBUS delicatessa

We are proud of our cooperation with GLOBUS: Since the beginning of March a fine selection of our gourmet nut-mixes have been available on sale, as part of a promotion, in several Swiss cities in the GLOBUS delicatessa. The planned promotion was extended to cover the entire month of March and is available in the following cities: Zurich, Basel, St. Gallen, Bern, Luzern, Lausanne, and Geneva.

GLOBUS delicatessa

GLOBUS – A spectacular shopping experience

Globus is an innovative and extravagant swiss warehouse and part of the “Magazine zum Globus AG” located in Zurich. Since 1997, the Globus Group has been a part of Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund, the largest retailer in Switzerland. Since many years, the numerous warehouses have been renowned for offering an exceptional customer experience. In order to achieve this success the company has firmly established these five guiding principles: “Globus is always new, inspirational, valuable, competent, and personal.” The high-quality and varied product assortment ranges from fashion, beauty, comfortable living, and pleasure. Globus is thus an ideal Brand for everyone that “values quality, exceptional aesthetics, and the newest trends.” The warehouses are steeped in tradition, their foundations established in 1907, and stand for gourmet delicacies as well as premium quality products – values that are equally important for KERNenergie and our Gourmet-Nuts. A cooperation between us represents an absolutely natural fit.

The Delicatessa – “Connoisseurs love it”

The Connoisseur-Department of the Swiss Warehouse is oriented towards all sorts of connoisseurs of fine foods and elegant wines. Here you will discover an exquisite selection of high-quality wines, Prosecco, Champagne, Spirits, and Gourmet-Gifts.

The Globus delicatessa

The perfect place to present our premium nuts and impress the quality-oriented customers with extraordinary flavors, in the course of a time-limited promotion.

A fine selection of high-quality nutmixes are available on location, an incredibly harmonizing foodpairing to go with fine wines and other spirits available in the delicatessa. A few of the delicious bestsellers available:

KERNenergie in the Globus delicatessa

• Nutmix Safari: A mix containing peanuts, cashews, almonds and Katjang Pedis for friends of powerful seasonings and a hint of spicy.
• Nutmix V.I.P. Curry: Savory-spiced Mix containing large and small peanuts, crunchy cashews, and golden macadamias all carefully roasted and seasoned with an exotic curry seasoning-mix.
• Nutmix Sweet & Salty: A salty-sweet nutmix composed of peanuts, cashews, and almonds.

Further information on how to best display our gourmet selection of nuts in your fine foods section can be found in our Delicacies Lounge. Learn more about our concept and how our high-quality snacks can increase your turnover and please the refined tastes of your customers.

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