Nut snacks for your company: crunchy-sweet & useful for any occasion

Nut snacks for your company: crunchy-sweet & useful for any occasion

Diverse nut snacks for your office

Nut snacks made by KERNenergie: Surprise your employees, colleagues, and guests during special occasions. We offer a spectacularly varied assortment of products containing chocolate-covered and other delicious-sweet nut treats. A scrumptious alternative to the usual delicacies such as cookies or baked goods.

Extraordinary nut-creations made by KERNenergie

In the category Sweet you will find both sweet nut Snacks as well as select fruits containing diverse and luxurious ingredients – such as truffels, tiramisu, or cappuccino-covered. These are available in kg sized packs or preassembled in our high-quality aluminum tins (upon request you can also order them in our on-the-go flowpacks). Depending on the type, you can order the delicacies in 60g, 100g, or 200g tins. Here is a short view into our splendid assortment of products, we are pleased to tell you more about them and offer you a personalized consultation:
Cinnamon Almonds: Crunchy almonds covered in the finest milk chocolate and cinnamon seasoning
White Delight: Delicious strawberries engulfed in yoghurt-chocolate. A fruity-sweet delight
Truffle-Pecans: Aromatic pecans, that are splendidly covered by an exquisite truffle coating
Hazel-Chocolate-Fusion: The entire chocolate variety for all chocolate lovers. Hazelnuts harmonize with white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate
Sweet nut snacks made by KERNenergie

Presentation of our nut snacks throughout your office

The sweet nut snacks are the ideal addition to your meeting room, serving as a splendidly-sweet snack, for example around Easter. As Kg Packs, the nut snacks can be stored in the large round aluminum container and displayed on tables using our wood display and our glass decanters complete with cork ball. You can refill them as desired using our elegant nut scoop.
Sweet nut snacks perfectly displayed

Alternatively we offer you a fine selection of sweet creations in our elegant aluminum tins (depending on the mix in 60g, 100g, or 200g tins). These can also be positioned throughout your meeting room. In addition, the aluminum tins are the ideal treat for your employees to enjoy at the workplace, during festivities, or to enjoy during holidays such as Easter or Christmas – they are also the ideal gift for your suppliers or special guests. Individualized with a small greeting or your logo, the aluminum tin becomes a splendid marketing instrument, that is sure to transport your brand beyond your own walls. In addition, our new resealable 50g Flowpacks can also transport your brand and be fully customized with your own individualized label.
Why not also present your guests at trade shows a sweet, individualized treat and stay in their memory?

Our sales team will gladly consult you about the multifaceted opportunities to use these sweet nut snacks in your company.
Contact us via telephone: 040. 39 80 78 223 or send an E-Mail to We look forward to receiving your Individualization Request.

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