Give your meetings a power boost in 2017: With KERNenergie Brainfood

Give your meetings a power boost in 2017: With KERNenergie Brainfood

Give your meetings a power boost in 2017

Office Snacks – who hasn’t experienced this: After long meetings you begin to feel deprived of energy, your concentration begins to dwindle, and next to coffee, cookies, and an open window there’s no source of energy in sight. In 2017 it’s time to say enough is enough, we offer you freshly roasted nut-mixes and fruit-nut mixes, Premium Brainfood, that is sure to lead to longer periods of concentration during meetings.

Numerous leading Hotels and companies see the valuable role our office snacks serve as powerful energy boosters, which you can elegantly place within your meeting room. Decorate your conference rooms with KERNenergie nut-mixes and fruit-nut mixes and give your meeting attendees an incredible morale boost.

KERNenergie Brainfood: Office Snacks in our Decanter Glass

The ideal presentation of freshly roasted premium nuts can be achieved using our Glass decanters with a wood display board. The wooden display board offers room for up to three luxurious glass decanters, with which you can – depending on attendance – spread multiple boards across the conference table. As a storage container for refills, we offer you a fitting large round aluminum tin along with refill-scoop. This offers your employees & guests not only freshly roasted and delicious snacks, but also an optically perfect presentation for your deluxe office snacks within your conference room.

KERNenergie Brainfood in our decanter glass

KERNenergie Brainfood: Office Snacks in our high-quality aluminium tins

A source of energy for your meeting room: Our 60g, 100g & 200g Aluminium tins can be fully customized with your Logo or a personalized message on the label. For the right presentation during meetings, we offer the fitting wooden display board for either the 60g & 100g tins or the 200g tins. Our premium aluminium tins are perfectly suited as an attractive giveaway for important guests, leaving them with a lasting impression proving your attention to detail.

KERNenergie Brainfood in our aluminium tins

Give your employees and important guests a nutty delicacy, one that won’t only impress their taste buds, it will help you stay in their memory. Our sales team is happy to assist you in selecting the right equipment & serving tools alongside a spectacular range of nuts, nut-mixes, nut-fruit mixes, and other delicious products that exceed your expectations as an effective brainfood during meetings. We are always pleased to work together with you in developing the right concepts, dutifully designed to meet your own personalized needs.

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