KERNenergie Gourmet Nuts: Official Partner of the World's Leading Hotels

KERNenergie Gourmet Nuts: Official Partner of the World’s Leading Hotels

Leading Hotels trust the value of KERNenergie

The Bar & Lounge 42 located within the Zurich Marriott Hotel and The Westin Hamburg located in the Elbphilharmonie are two of the most recent luxury venues to join our impressive number of Exclusive KERNenergie Hotel Partners. We are proud of the successful partnerships that we have fostered and excited to see KERNenergie products represented in a growing number of leading hotels throughout Europe. Let us introduce you to our gourmet selection of products, as well as our proven concepts that are sure to increase the value of your hotel to your distinguished guests.

Where to place KERNenergie Gourmet Nuts in your Hotel

In our Hotel Lounge you’ll find various concepts describing the different ways to successfully place KERNenergie within your hotel.

KERNenergie at your Hotel-Bar
Our premium bar food is just the right accompaniment for your exclusive selection of fine wines or your perfectly composed cocktails. For just the right presentation of our gourmet nuts, we offer you our glass decanters, as well as our high-quality aluminum tins which you can fully customize with your own branding.

Glass Decanters for the world's leading hotels

KERNenergie Aluminum Tins for the world's leading hotels

KERNenergie for your Minibar
We recommend our 3-Tin-Strategie for your Minibar, a technique that will allow for all taste categories to be well-represented with gourmet nut mixes: From salty/well-spiced to fruity or sweet. Our Sales Team is happy to help you make the best selections tailored to your needs. To help you present the three types, we recommend our elegant Wood Display.

The KERNenergie Wood Display: Perfect for the World's Leading Hotels

A small way to recognize your most distinguished Guests
We offer you our exclusive 60g or 100g Aluminum Tins to impress your Regulars, special clients, or prominent personalities as part of a special V.I.P. Treatment. You can emblazon the label with your own Hotel Logo or an individualized message to your guests. This is the perfect way to please your guests with freshly-roasted nut mixes made by KERNenergie.

Customizable Aluminum Tins: Nuts for Hotels

KERNenergie for your Conference Room
The freshly roasted nuts made by KERNenergie are the ideal Brain food for your guests during seminars, workshops, conventions, or in your conference rooms. Our crunchy nuts, filled with valuable nutrients, minerals, and vitamins offer a spectacular energy kick to help you start the day right or to give you a helpful boost during breaks

KERNenergie for your Breakfast Buffet
Next to our freshly roasted nuts, we offer you a highly diversified selection of kernels and dried fruits: Ideal for cereals or Joghurt. While you’re at it, be sure to discover our newest product, completely free of artificial ingredients or flavoring, our Premium Nut Creme. Four different types of nut cremes/nut butter are now available to round off our large selection of sweet products. You can learn more about them in our B2B Blog.

KERNenergie as an Official Partner of your Hotel

Our Sales Team is happy to help you and answer any questions you may have. Simply contact us via telephone, email, or Here. We’ll help you every step of the way in creating a concept splendidly crafted to fit your hotel and outfitted to meet the needs of your distinguished guests. We look forward to a lasting, mutually-beneficial, business relationship with you!

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