KERNenergie in the Bar & Lounge located in the Zurich Marriott Hotel

KERNenergie in the Bar & Lounge located in the Zurich Marriott Hotel

New York in the middle of Zurich

The stylish Zurich Marriott Hotel lies in the heart of Zurich, along the Limmat. Next to one of the most beloved Thai Restaurants, and the renowned eCHo restaurant serving Swiss specialties, you’ll find the Bar & Lounge 42. KERNenergie is pleased to be a partner of this fascinating and exclusive Bar, which carries a fine selection of our KERNenergie Gourmet-Nuts.

KERNenergie in the Bar & Lounge 42

The Bar & Lounge located within the Zurich Marriott Hotel

In the Bar & Lounge 42 it’s all about exclusive Whiskey rarities and outstanding cocktail-creations. The stylish Bar has a New York Flair to it right in the heart of Zurich, offering a house-brand Gin, delectable snacks, as well as an elegant cigar lounge.

Since the end of October you can find gourmet nut offerings that offer a delightful complement to whiskey as well as exquisite martini-cocktail-creations. You’ll find sweet (chocolate-covered peanuts, Pink Dream), fruity (Sportfutter, Aloha-Mix), salty (Scandinavian-Mix), or well-spiced (Hot Honey, Wasabi Nuts, Safari) nut mixes. Our decanter glasses and 200g Aluminum Tins are utilized to complete the luxurious presentation.

KERNenergie within the Bar & Lounge 42

Gin N° 42, Truly Spectacular

The house-brand and exclusively available Gin is known as the Gin N° 42 Honey Flavored Gin. What makes it so special? The light sweetness that’s imparted on the Gin is thanks to the Honey obtained from the apiary located right on the roof of the Hotel. The unforgettable taste experience was crafted by one of the best distillers of Europe. Exclusive bottles allow guests to take the remarkable product with them and enjoy it at home.

Zurich Bar Culture

The Berlin-raised Bar Manager Derya Akgün astounds his guests with his famous “Cocktail of the Month” offerings that present unique cocktail-creations every month.

KERNenergie in the Bar & Lounge 42

What makes these delicious cocktail-creations so special? Derya himself values quality over quantity. The cocktails offer a remarkable combination of fresh juices, fruits, the finest liquors, and premium spirits and a generous shot of creativity and originality. This originality is mirrored in the Team-crafted innovative »Bar 42 Crafted« Cocktails. The small snacks and meals remind of Midtown, Little Italy, Chinatown, or Spanish Harlem and are an ideal fit to the New Yorker concept.

The Smoker’s Lounge

In the Smoker’s Lounge both Tobacco and Whiskey lovers alike can enjoy themselves within the exclusive ambience.

KERNenergie in the Bar & Lounge 42

In the Bar & Lounge you will find not only the best high-quality cocktail-creations around, you will also be impressed by the special ambience, that is established thanks to the diligent work of Derya, his right hand man Francois, and the entire Bar & Lounge Team. Enjoy the unique New York Flair right in the heart of Zurich, and allow yourself to be taken away to splendid new heights in the Bar & Lounge 42.

KERNenergie is pleased to be partners with the Bar & Lounge 42 and wishes you many memorable moments when you visit!

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