KERNenergie Premium Nut Cream from the Piedmont Region: A spectacular delight for your Breakfast Buffet!

KERNenergie Premium Nut Cream from the Piedmont Region: A spectacular delight for your Breakfast Buffet!

KERNenergie travels to the Connoisseur’s Paradise: Piedmont

The Italian Piedmont

Our CEO Denis Burghardt traveled to the Connoisseur’s Paradise: The spectacular Piedmont region of Italy. The Piedmont is renowned for having some of the best truffles, maroons, and wines in the world.

Hot on the trail for the best Hazelnuts in the Piedmont

Die Piemont Haselnuss

Our CEO Denis Burghardt found a one of a kind crunch-fresh aroma in Piedmont Hazelnuts while on his search for the world’s-best exclusive Connoisseur-Delicacies. You can now find the very best hazelnuts from the region: Whether freshly roasted, or processed into our special Hazelnut Cream: We are proud to offer you and your guests a spectacular taste-experience with our Deluxe Hazelnut-Chocolate-Cream

The new KERNenergie Assortment of freshly-made Nut Creams

Our previous assortment of nut cream products was made up of three artfully-crafted products: Peanut, Almond, and Cashew-Macadamia cream. These offerings are now completed with our new Deluxe Haselnut Cream:
• Peanut Cream: Freshly-roasted and carefully prepared peanuts
• Almond Cream: Prepared with the crunchy and delicately-sweet almonds from Spain
• Cashew-Macadamia Cream: A combination of crunchy-fresh cashews and buttery-soft Macadamias
Deluxe Hazelnut-Chocolate-Cream: contains 58% Hazelnuts from the Piedmont region, enriched with the finest-quality cacao

Upgrade your Breakfast Offerings for your Esteemed Guests

The passionately-produced Hazelnuts, grown and harvested by small local Piedmont farmers, are carefully crafted into a delicious cream and then enriched with premium-quality cacao. We’ve established an exclusive assortment of nut cream products for your hotel guests, four delectable taste experiences that are sure to transport you to the very height of delight.

What makes our nut creams so special lies in the preparation process, that is completed without any artificial additives. All four nut cream products are carefully produced with freshly-roasted nuts – they are one of the first nut creams to be produced entirely without artificial ingredients such as emulsifiers, hydrogenated fats, or artificial flavors. Enrich your breakfast area with this sweet and delicious spread.

Contact us via telephone, email, or Live-Support (found on our German-Website) to learn more about our KERNenergie Nut Creams. We are happy to hear from you!

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