Attention last minute Christmas gift seekers: All of our gift ideas at a glance

Attention last minute Christmas gift seekers: All of our gift ideas at a glance

Freshly Roasted Gift Ideas made by KERNenergie

For everyone still on the search for the right christmas gift specially-catered to your clients, business partners, or employees – we’ve got you covered! Our exclusive gift ideas are sure to impress. Choose from our limited edition Christmas Sets or individualize our aluminum tins or gift boxes with your own personal christmas message. Let our exclusive and delicious KERNenergie gift ideas be your inspiration!

The Limited-Edition X-Mas Design
A range of premium sets are available in our exquisite Wood Box or our sleekly-designed black & gold gift box. You have the choice between numerous freshly-roasted gourmet nuts offered in KERNenergie aluminum tins with our special X-Mas Label. The 100g tins are available with a white label and the 200g tins with a black one.

Limitierte X-Mas Edition

The X-Mas Limited-Edition Wood Box is filled with 8 carefully-selected nut creations in our 100g tins. This varied mix of products includes chocolate-covered nuts, sweet fruits, and craftully-sugared nuts (such as sugared macadamias) a splendid Christmas gift for your distinguished clients, business partners, and employees.

The stylish black & gold gift box, and the Christmas-designed aluminum tins inside, enable the receivers to enjoy four or eight specially-selected freshly roasted nut sorts in our 100g or 200g aluminum tins. We have the following four sets available to you:
• Sweet Christmas-Set (4x 100g Tins)
• Nutcracker-Set (8x 100g Tins)
• Small Christmas-Set (4x 200g Tis)
• Big Christmas-Set (8x 200g Tins)

You can request our limited-edition X-Mas sets here! Or contact us by telephone at +49 (0)40 39 80 78 223.

Individualized KERNenergie Gift Ideas

In addition to our limited-edition Christmas design, you also have the opportunity to fully customize our aluminum tins with your own individualized Christmas Greeting or personalize the gift box for two tasteful sets with your own logo.

Individualization of our Aluminum Tins
Our 60g, 100g, or 200g aluminum tins can be fully customized to your own desires. Personalize the tins with your company logo or your very own christmas greeting.

KERNenergie Gift Ideas

Customizable Gift Box
Our new 200g tins are offered in different tasteful varieties: The Luxury-Set or the Schlemmer(Gourmand)-Set packaged in our black & gold gift box. You can fully customize these sets with your own branding.

KERNenergie Gift Box: Customizable

You can’t decide how you want to give a special gift to your clients, employees, or business partners? Give us a call or contact us here. Our Team is always happy to assist.

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