The Story of the Marriott International Hotel Group... how it all began

The Story of the Marriott International Hotel Group… how it all began

KERNenergie’s International Partner : The Marriott International Hotel Group

For quite some time, we have been a proud international partner of this prestigious global Hotel Group that has more than 30 unique brands with widely differing concepts, each aimed at a variety of different target markets. Part of the global Portfolio includes the following luxurious Hotels
»The Ritz Carlton«, »JW Marriott«, »Renaissance Hotels« and »Courtyard«. We would like to give you a short glimpse into the interesting story behind this historic group of hotels.

JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa

From the beginning until today

J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott founded the Business in 1927, approximately 90 years ago, under the leadership of the Marriott Familie. Everything began differently than one would expect from the founding years of a global Hotel Group: A&W Root Beer Franchise, under the name Hot Shoppes, offered the couple warm meals at a fair price in Washington. In 1937, the business expanded to lunch boxes for air travelers at Hoover Airport. It wasn’t until 1957, that Marriott achieved a true milestone in Hotel History, with the founding of the first Motor Hotel (Motel). Under the leadership of J. Willard’s Son, Bill, Marriott developed into one of the leading international hotel groups in the world in the 25 years to follow.

A few of the major Milestones in the following years were:
• 1969 – The opening of the first international hotel in Acapulco, Mexico
• 1972 – Marriott became partner of Sun Line, making Marriott the first Hotel to join the Cruise-Ship Business
• 1985 – J.W. Marriott, Jr. became President of the Board of Directors after the death of J. Willard Marriott, Sr.
• In the late 80s, Marriott began its innovative model to target a wide variety of markets with individualized brands, with the goal to become the Nr. 1 Brand in the Hotel Business.
• 1995 – Marriott acquires 49% of the Ritz-Carlton Hotels
• 2012 – Arne Sorensen becomes President and CEO of the Marriott International Hotel Group
• 2015 – Marriott International acquires Delta Hotels & Resorts in Canada and becomes the largest full-service hotel company in the nation

Bonn Marriott World Conference Hotel

One of the most recent milestones was achieved in 2016 with the acquisition of Starwood Hotels & Resorts. The Marriott International Hotel Group became the largest Hotel Group in the world, thanks to the acquisition. It now contains nearly 6,000 hotels and is represented worldwide in 120 different nations.

KERNenergie and Marriott Hotels

We are currently represented internationally in a large variety of Marriott Hotels. You can find an individually-crafted selection of our Gourmet-Nuts, specially selected to meet the needs of hotel guests. Our Portfolio contains aluminum tins and glass decanters that fit perfectly in our luxurious wood display, finding a special place in hotel lounges & hotel bars. The premium nuts are a perfect complement to the top hotel group, both offer only the best in quality.

Bar & Lounge 42 Zurich Marriott Hotel

Some of the Marriott International hotels where you can find us are: JW Marriott Cannes (France), Munich Airport Marriott Hotel, Berlin Marriott Hotel, Frankfurt Marriott Hotel, Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel, Cologne Marriott Hotel. Just recently we introduced you to KERNenergie in the Bar & Lounge 42 located in the Zurich Marriott Hotel.

We’ve piqued your interest in our gourmet concepts, specially-catered to hotels? Take a look at our Hotel Lounge and find solutions perfectly tailored to different areas of placement, and learn more about us and our recent developments in our B2B-Blog

We look forward to the continuing partnership with the Marriott International Hotel Group!

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