A Gourmet Bar Snack: KERNenergie Nuts

    A Gourmet Bar Snack: KERNenergie Nuts

    A Gourmet Bar Snack: Gourmet Nuts made by KERNenergie for your guestsAn Exquisite Gourmet Bar Snack

    Nuts have always had a special place in bar culture: even in the times of the ancient Romans it was already a common tradition to serve nuts in decanter-alike vessels to wine. KERNenergie’s product range for bars covers a wide variety of freshly roasted nuts, nut mixes and innovative bar combos. With our products we are setting a completely new trend that is unique for the bar snack market.

    Our gourmet bar snack offerings are roasted only after we receive your order and can be served with drinks or sold as exquisite bar food in elegant glass decanters or sleek aluminum tins with noble silver or a luxurious gold look. Opting for KERNenergie products you can enrich the product range available in your bar and impress your guests with trendy exquisite snacks. Together with your finely selected wines, cocktails and other drinks, top service and atmospheric ambience, the finest bar snacks from KERNenergie will show your guests your appreciation and your attention to even the smallest detail.

    Choose our gourmet nut mixes and our elegant serving tools, – and be a step ahead of your competitors not only by the quality of your bar snacks, but also by the stylish and unique presentation. Our large aluminum storage containers are true eye catchers: use them to place the nuts at the bar or in the rear buffet. To add a personal touch, you can also place our sleek aluminum nut tins right at the bar counter or at the table to delight your sophisticated guests with KERNenergie delicious products.

    Added Value with KERNenergie

    Your guests will be impressed by the extraordinary quality of our delicious bar snacks. More importantly, you will not only profit from satisfied guests. You will also profit from an increased revenue stream at the bar. KERNenergie nuts and nut mixes are the ideal additions to any bar.

    KERNenergie Nut Menu

    Nut Menu

    A Menu of nuts for your Bar: We support your efforts to sell our products at your bar. To assist you, we’ll provide our nut menus to you – completely free of charge. This will further your efforts in providing the best bar experience with the best bar snacks available.
    60g and 100g Tins

    60g und 100g Tins

    The nutty treats are also available in our 60g or 100g variants for your bar. Together with our nut menu we are sure that KERNenergie products will be an investment well-made, offering increasing revenue streams for any bar. We’re happy to assist you in choosing just the right nut mixes, presentation tools, and serving tools to maximize your success

    Round Aluminum Tins

    KERNenergie Round Aluminum Tin

    To have a well-rounded presentation we’re excited to provide you with the fitting round aluminum tin. This is the largest serving container available (200 x 220 mm) and offers a large number of guests access to the deliciousness inside.


    Your advantages at a glance:

    • KERNenergie provides your bar with freshly roasted nut mixes
    • KERNenergie only uses premium ingredients for all of our gourmet bar snack offerings
    • The roasting process only begins once you’ve placed your order – assuring the maximum level of freshness: guaranteed
    • Create your very own personal house-mix, or choose from our tried and true bestsellers
    • Present our snacks in elegant glass decanters or sleek aluminum tins in noble silver or a luxurious gold look
    • A price list for Bars, Clubs and Cafes is available upon request


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