5 tips for a succesful breakfast buffet

5 tips for a succesful breakfast buffet

With these 5 tips for a successful breakfast buffet, you are guaranteed to delight your guests. For many guests, the breakfast buffet is the highlight of their stay. Therefore, you should not disappoint their expectations, but exceed them in order to make a long-lasting impression.

The positive influence on the wellbeing of your guests

Such a little thing, like the breakfast buffet in the hotel, can also contribute to the decision if your guests will come back and recommend your hotel. Therefore, you should exercise great care in the compilation and presentation of the offered breakfast assortment.
With a good and various breakfast buffet, you can ensure to make your guests stay unforgettable. A well-balanced breakfast lays the foundation for the sensation of the day and can provide a positive and energetic start into the day.
In contrast, a breakfast buffet which is not that various can be the reason for your guests having a bad mood and a bad recommendation rate.
To avoid that, there are some advices that you can keep in mind.
First, ask yourself what your guests really want to eat for breakfast and be oriented towards that to give them the best experience.

The right bread spread

Germany is known for its variety of bread assortment. Therefore, you should offer a various selection of bread. On top of that, the offer of the bread spreads should not be underestimated. A dry bread without any spread or cold cuts, will not satisfy any of your guests. As it is a known fact that tastes are different, you should offer your guests a wide selection of products.
Sausage and cheese as well as butter and various spreads should be available. As there are both proponents of a sweet or a savory breakfast, the toppings should cover both tastes. In addition to sausage and cheese, sweet spreads, such as honey and nut- or chocolate creams are welcome, too. You should also consider the needs of vegetarians and vegans.
Honey, for example, is a great way to satisfy the sweet tooth of the guests. Honey contains numerous nutrients that give your guests the energy for the day. Thanks to its uniqueness, the new KERNenergie honey with fresh roasted nuts is a great alternative to other spreads and will surely attract the attention of your guests. The idea of combining honey with nuts will certainly not be forgotten by your guests. The taste experience of this combination will surely remain in your memory for a long time and thus create an overall positive picture of your breakfast buffet.

Nut creams are also a welcome spread on the breakfast buffet. Especially well-known is the peanut butter on toast. However, many of the conventional products contain numerous additives and sugars. This often doesn’t meet the guest’s requirements concerning a high-quality buffet. With the KERNenergie Nut Creams you serve your guests a product, which is manufactured directly from nuts of the highest quality. The KERNenergie peanut cream consists of 99% freshly roasted peanuts and does not contain any sugar, emulsifiers or other additives. In addition, you will also find almond cream and cashew macadamia cream in our product range.
The deluxe hazelnut cream will be the highlight on the breakfast buffet for all chocolate lovers. Made from the precious hazelnuts from the region of Piemont and refined with fine cocoa, it is a highlight for anyone who loves chocolate spreads. On top of that, the cream does not contain any palm fat.
New in our range is the pistachio cream, which stands out for its green color. Made from pistachios from Sicily, the cream is a real treat for all gourmets.
With a wide selection of different spreads, you will surely make your guests happy.

KERNenergie nut cream

Muesli at your breakfast buffet

For many people, their morning cereal is indispensable. Therefore, you should also provide a selection of cereals at your breakfast buffet. For those who like to compile their own cereals, individual cereal ingredients are a great offer. With different nuts, seeds, dried fruits and superfoods, you can prepare your own cereal creations. The KERNenergie products are well suited for a high-class cereal, because they are of the highest quality and will impress your guests in terms of taste.
You can also use them as an ingredient in yoghurt or quark. That will ensure satisfied guests, too!
Anyone who prefers having a comfortable, relaxing breakfast and who is looking for quick breakfast ideas will prefer a muesli in the morning which has already been mixed together. Our KERNmueslis convince with freshly roasted nuts and fine oatmeal, crunchy granola and freeze-dried fruits. We have three different varieties in our assortment: the berry KERNmuesli with blueberries and cashews, the paradisiac KERNmuesli with hazelnuts, strawberries and cocoa nibs and the tropical KERNmuesli with fresh pecans and coconut chips.


Chocolate for your breakfast buffet

For many guests, the breakfast buffet in a hotel means to treat oneself with specialties that you usually don’t have for breakfast. Everyone loves to enjoy a piece of chocolate then. In order to provide a special enjoyment which is worth the little sin”, the chocolate should not disappoint and convince with taste and quality. The KERNenergie chocolate does not only convince with the decorative appearance on your buffet, but also provides a good reason to treat yourself with a special something for breakfast with its fine aroma, which is the result of the combination of high-quality nuts and fine Belgian chocolate.

Breakfast ideas

To impress your guests, you can offer selected specials. Particularly, hot meals are welcome for breakfast in hotels. How about freshly made pancakes, for example? Topped with nut cream, honey and dried fruits, it also creates the feeling of a “Sunday breakfast” during the week. To prepare the pancakes, we offer our nut cream in a “heavy user” edition. With their 1250g size, they are ideal to process larger amounts of nut cream without getting into coordination difficulties in the preparation, because the amount of nut cream is insufficient.

KERNenergie nut cream heavy user

The presentation of the breakfast buffet

The highest quality of the offered food at the breakfast buffet is not enough to completely convince the guests. You should ask yourself, what your guests need on top of that. The right presentation of the food is also very important. A beautifully prepared buffet, in which the hygiene standards are not neglected, ensures more than satisfied guests.
With our noble displays made of olive wood you can present our honey and the nut creams in a noble way. The high-quality bowls made from olive wood and our filling scoop are ideal for displaying our KERNmuesli and our chocolate plates.
With the decanters and the matching cork balls you present nuts and dried fruits in an appealing and at the same time hygienic way.
With the right equipment, you can reflect the high quality of your breakfast and thus ensure a completely successful breakfast buffet.

KERNenergie presentation

KERNenergie equipment

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