Birthday presents for your employees

Birthday presents for your employees

Finding the right birthday present for every staff is not always that easy, because you often know your colleagues only professionally and you don’t know anything about their private preferences.
Therefore, it is hard to guess what the recipient would be pleased with. Even if you know your employees better, the question rises how a present can represent your company without using a boring promotional gift.

Why using birthday presents for your employees?

Your colleagues are putting full efforts into their work every day and they are doing a great job. The employees are often denoted as the most vulnerable resource of your company.
In the daily work routine, there is often a lack of time. Consequently, an insufficient attention is paid to the recognition of performances and personal appreciation. This can cause fatal consequences. The lack of recognition sometimes leads to a demotivation. The employees don’t have any reason for putting their full efforts into the next challenge, because they don’t feel like their workload is going to be honored. But without efficient staff, your company won’t work.
Precisely because it is hard to meet the requirements, the birthday is the perfect occasion to show respect and recognition. If the present is well chosen, you can not only improve the work morale, but also support the cooperation between colleagues. This interaction of the component parts leads to a better work atmosphere which can have positive effects on the work performances of the employees, too.

The tax exemption limit for employees’ gifts

When offering your employee a gift for a personal occasion, it will remain free of tax and social security contributions. Apart from wedding and the birth of a child, the birthday of an employee is also considered a personal occasion. However, the tax exemption limit only applies for non-cash benefits and not for monetary gifts.

Birthday presents for employees: The best gift ideas

Birthday presents for employees fulfill a useful role. Nevertheless, many companies hesitate to give, because they are uncertain about the right present. Just offering anything is not a good idea. The present should convey that you cared about what to give.
But what would be a pleasure for the recipient and what is the best way to concatenate the gift with your company?
Employees gifts should be useful, and the recipient should gain from it in his everyday life. An attractive cost-benefit ratio is also decisive. On top of that, the employees should be associated distinctively with the present. Thus, the gift will stay in a lasting positive memory. It provides a higher productivity and loyalty towards the company.

KERNenergie birthday presents

No matter if you are looking for a little something or for a considerable attention, for example for a decadal birthday: In our KERNenergie assortment, you can find a large variety of products which are working well as birthday presents. With our nut mixes, nut- /fruit mixes and other sweet or salty delicacies, you can meet everyone’s taste. For fans of the most intensive seasonings, our nut mixes, which are refined with noble spices from all over the world, fit perfectly. For example, our “Bengal Cashew Mix” with freshly roasted peanuts, hot spicy Crackers, crispy Katjang Pedis and cashews with bengal herbs.
For employees who prefer fruity snacks, you can use one of our nut- / fruit mixes like “Blueberry Fusion” as the perfect gift. The fruity composition consists of Blueberries, Cranberries, roasted pecans, cashews and pistachios.
For those who love sweetness’s, you can choose between our various chocolate coated nuts and dried fruits.
All the products in our assortment are from the highest quality. We roast our nuts only after receiving a new order, so that they can be handed over to your employees fresh and crunchy.

KERNenergie nut mix

With our noble aluminum tins, the tasteful content is put in the right perspective.
Choose between 60g., 100g. or 200g., place your logo and your little message on the etiquette and congratulate in this way.

KERNenergie aluminium tins

Furthermore, you have the possibility to use four tins in a black gift box, which you can individualize with the logo of your company, too.
Another option is our KERNenergie wooden box which contains eight tins. You can of course choose the sorts and create a mix, which will completely meet the taste of your colleagues. So, don’t worry about the right packaging for your gifts.

KERNenergie wooden gift box KERNenergie gift box

Apart from the classy tins, you can also opt for our new glass jars. With the freshness seal on top of the cork closure, the freshness and the aroma of our products is guaranteed. A personalization with your logo is of course possible, too. This sustainable present will surely leave a long-lasting impression.

KERNenergie glass jar

For the colleagues who prefer nutspread instead of snack food, we have the perfect gift, too: Our nut creams. Manufactured with our fresh roasted nuts from the best growing areas worldwide, they are a highlight at the breakfast tables of your employees. Well nourished, your workers are ready to start their working day full of energy.

The KERNenergie birthday gifts are a personal gift, they are causing a good mood at the workplace, strengthen the staff retention and are adaptable according to the individual tastes.

Do not hesitate to request your ideas without commitment here or contact us per mail or phone. We would love to advise you!

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