Christmas presents for your employees

Christmas presents for your employees

It is not easy finding the right Christmas presents for your employees. Even searching a little something for Christmas for your family and friends can be difficult, although you know them well and you know what they will be pleased with.
Though, you probably don’t know your staff on a personal level. Therefore, it is hard to guess what the right present will be to give them pleasure.

Why Christmas presents for your employees?

Christmas is often described as the best time of the year. This reflective time is the perfect occasion to show recognition and appreciation towards your employees. This is often neglected during the stressful work routine.
In fact, the staff is the most important resource of your company. A good relation between the employees and the superior contributes a lot to the success of your company.
Maintain contact with your employees to ensure a pleasant working atmosphere. A good work climate ensures that your staff likes to work in your company.
Employees in a good mood are more motivated and they can perform better than dissatisfied employees do.
Though, a pleasant working atmosphere needs your assistance. Christmas presents for your staff are a great possibility to increase the satisfaction as well as to show your gratitude and sympathy.
The joy of the gift will connect your employees with your business, whereby strengthen the bond with your company.
A positive conclusion of the year is the best starting point for a successful new year.

Christmas present

Special Christmas Gifts

The possibilities for Christmas presents are nearly endless. What is the best way to find the right present for your employees? Nothing would be worse than investing a lot of time in selecting the gift and choosing something that will not please your employees.
After all, you want to leave a long-lasting impression.
To achieve this, Christmas presents for your employees should be personal and individual and show that you have thought about choosing the right gift.
The present should also be useful and offer a benefit. If the gift will be used in everyday life, your company will always be present, and the employee loyalty is strengthened.
To make sure that this special binding is created, gifts with your own logo are the best option. The presentee will always know where the gift comes from and it can not get lost in the shuffle of Christmas presents.

Christmas presents for your employees should meet different criteria:
They should

  • Have a personal touch
  • Be individual
  • Have a reference to your company, for example with the use of your individual logo
  • Meet the taste of your employees

KERNenergie Christmas gifts for your employees

We know that finding the right Christmas present for your staff can be laborious and time-consuming. We will help you and look after the right Christmas gift while you can invest your valuable time in your company.
We advise you with the selection of your presents, so that you can make sure to make the right decision.

The variety of possibilities ensures that there is something for every taste.
Nuts and kernels are a great snack at every time of the year, but especially for Christmas they are indispensable. Therefore, the KERNenergie high-quality presents are fitting perfectly for his reflective time.
Nibbling the nuts spark positive associations and the unique aroma will inspire your employees. Our nuts and kernels come from the best growing areas worldwide and they are roasted fresh only after we receive the order, so that you can offer them to your employees with the best quality and the full aroma.

Not only the enthusiasm about the gift will motivate your employees to new achievements, but also the valuable nutrients of the nuts provide them with new energy. So you will do good for your employees in different ways: You provide them with delicious snacks, you provide new energy and you let them feel your appreciation. Well-saturated and with the feeling of being recognized, the work can be done a lot easier.

You have the choice between our diverse nut mixes, nut fruit mixes as well as other sweet delicacies.
With our wide range of different flavors, from savory to salty to sweet, you will surely meet the taste of every employee.
You can find our classic Christmas products, like candied almonds, as well as extraordinary mixtures like “Sour Cream & Onion” in our assortment. It is of course possible to create your own composition consisting nuts and fruits, too. We would love to advise you concerning the selection of the perfect variant.
Not only with the delicious content of nuts, kernels and dried fruits, but also with the packaging you can add your own personal touch.
According to your wishes, we can implement your logo and your message or your festively elements on the packaging.
Give your presents a personal touch and make sure that your company will stay present.

Our noble aluminum tins are available in the size of 60g., 100g. or 200g. It is possible to design the whole front label according to your wishes. Even if the tins are empty, they are a real eye-catcher which will be used further on as a storage option or as a decoration. You offer a gift with a sustainable effect.

KERNenergie aluminium tins

To have a special presentation with different tins, our classy giftbox or our wooden box are the perfect choice, which you can individualize on top. The giftbox contains four different tins, the wooden box can be filled with eight tins in 60g. or 100g.

KERNenergie gift box

KERNenergie wooden box

We also offer glass jars, which are completely new in our assortment and which can be personalized as well. They will suit perfectly into your Christmassy atmosphere.

KERNenergie glass jar

The KERNenergie Christmas kits

As we all know that often the time lacks, we already composed different kits, which contain different delicacies that are matched with each other harmoniously.
The “Christmas greeting set” combines eight different products in our noble giftbox. It contains classics, like roasted hazelnuts from the Piemont, as well as Chrismassy sweets like our spekulatius almonds.

KERNenergie X-Mas Greeting Set
In our “X-Mas set”, you have four customer favourites in the 200g. tin. The aluminum tins convince with the limited Christmas design, the giftbox can be personalized with your logo.

KERNenergie X-Mas Set

Also, our wooden box is pre-fabricated with eight aluminum tins in a Christmas design for you.
It contains sweet snacks, like our cocoa-covered “Pure Chocolate Hazelnuts” and our cinnamon almonds, as well as our “Sweet & Salty” mixture and the fruity composition “Blueberry Fusion”.

KERNenergie Weihnachtsbox

For a presentation of the KERNenergie products which is successful in every way, you can find in our “SinnesgeNUSS” Bundle not only snacks, which are packed in our chic cardboard boxes, but also our sweet almond cream and a wooden display with two decanter glasses. This is the perfect equipment to present the KERNenergie nuts.

KERNenergie SinnesgeNUSS

No matter which option of our delicate Christmas presents for your employees will be your favorite: We are sure that you will bring a great pleasure at the end of the year which also shows your appreciation for all the work, that the employees achieved all year long.

Do not hesitate to request your ideas without commitment here or contact us per mail or phone. We would love to advise you!

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