Meeting Snacks - You meet how you eat – How snacks influence your meetings

Meeting Snacks – You meet how you eat – How snacks influence your meetings

Which snacks are you offering your clients and colleagues during your meetings? Do you think, they are eating them enthusiastically or only because their stomach begins to rumble, and the meeting is taking that long? And what are you thinking about that?

Why are meeting snacks that important?

In meetings with colleagues, clients or providers, important decisions have to be made. It will be of great significance to make the right decisions because your company depends from this.         Different concepts are presented, positions are discussed and balanced and sometimes agreements are made.
The meetings are often taking place under time pressure, quick decisions are required. Embedded in the hectic work routine, it is difficult to secure the attention of the participants. It is not easy to stay focused for the entire duration of a long meeting, the discussions and considerations cost a lot of energy and can strain the nerves. The thoughts can digress, and, during the day, the participants can get tired and unfocused.If then the stomach is empty, too, a concentrated working atmosphere is almost impossible to achieve. Those who are hungry cannot concentrate properly and are less productive because the brain lacks the necessary nutrients.
The energy storage needs to be refilled. The best way to do this are the meeting snacks you offer.
Lots of companies only use dry cookies. The participants are eating them because they expect a quick energy boost, but it is not a real pleasure.
The large proportion of sugar, which is present in most of the snacks, initially supplies the brain with energy and achieves awareness. However, it leads to a very rapid rise of blood glucose levels which crashes rapidly thereafter, there is also a rapid decline in the power of concentration.
A sustainable energy supply is therefore not possible. Eating the wrong things makes us even slower and we can concentrate even less.

Which criteria should meeting snacks fulfill?

The requirements that you pose towards your meeting snacks should be high. The aim should be to find something that not just fills the stomach for a short time and only provides for a short burst of energy, but long-term ensures the necessary concentration.

Meeting snacks should:

  • Supply the brain with energy
  • Be easy to eat
  • Suit any taste
  • Stick in one’s memory

KERNenergie meeting snacks

With the KERNenergie products, you can bring joy into your meetings. The KERNenergie premium nuts and kernels contain lots of minerals and vitamins that provide your clients and customers with all the important nutrients.
Not for nothing, nuts are known to provide nourishment for nerves. For examples trail mixes, that are supporting lots of students during their studies. With their high content of minerals, trace elements, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, high-quality protein, vitamin E and B vitamins, nuts provide the body with plenty of energy. This in turn leads to a better concentration.
Magnesium, for example, protects the nervous system from stress because it interrupts a chain reaction that can be triggered by stress hormones. Vitamin E protects the vessels in the brain from calcification and B vitamins enables a better responsiveness.The KERNenergie nut mixes provide you with enough energy during a meeting and allow you full concentration.

KERNenerfgie Meeting Snacks

Nuts are also easy to eat. You don’t need any cutlery and they can be quickly nipped in between, without disturbing the meeting.
To make sure that there is something for every taste, you can choose from our nut mixes and nut fruit mixes. You have the choice between salty, spicy, sweet or fruity mixtures. Or you can create your own, individual gourmet mix from the variety of our nuts and dried fruits.
We only use nuts from the best growing areas worldwide, ensuring the high quality of your meeting snacks. Freshly roasted and refined with noble seasonings, certainly every taste will be hit.
Your ordered mixtures will be roasted and individually put together only after we received your order. Thus, we deliver your meeting snacks freshly roasted directly to your office. Serve them in our precious glass decanters, our new glass jars or our chic aluminum cans. The meeting snacks will become the highlight on every meeting table!
Then it is finally over with dry biscuits in boring cans that doesn’t really convince anyone and neither satisfy the hunger, nor promote concentration. Not to mention the enjoyment that will not get left behind anymore with the KERNenergie products.

With the KERNenergie meeting snacks, you ensure that your meeting participants can fully concentrate from the beginning to the end of your meeting any pay full attention.

Just call us or send us an e-mail. We would love to advise you!

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