New: Our KERNenergie equipment for you conferences

New: Our KERNenergie equipment for you conferences

With the new KERNenergie equipment, you can create an adequate framework for your meetings and inspire your guests.

The equipment during your conferences

Conferences are often connected with lots of work. There is a very concentrated mood, lots of discussions, new ideas are developed, and presentations are given. When you have a meeting, it can be a long day. To create a positive atmosphere anyway, your guests should feel totally at ease. This is the basis for an expedient meeting with requested result.
With the KERNenergie products, you can create a positive working basis. Our high-quality products ensure that the participants work concentrated without missing pure enjoyment.

For a successful meeting, the presentation of the offered snacks is of a great significance, too. There is nothing worse than long meetings in a sad environment. Even small things can produce a big difference and affect the mood in a positive way. That’s why you should make an informed decision when choosing the right equipment. Its appearance should be elegant and precious, provide the right ambience and represent the high quality of the offered products.
With the chosen equipment, you can show your guests that you care about them. A high-quality equipment shows your appreciation and ensures an agreeable atmosphere.
The more pleasant the atmosphere, the more productive the participants will be. And the more successful the meeting will be, the bigger is the probability that the next conference will take place in your house, too and that the guests will recommend you.
The same applies when you hold intern meetings. Your employees will appreciate that you care about their well-being during meetings. Their motivation will increase, and they will work more productive. This will not only have a positive impact on the result of your meeting, but also on the whole work performance within your company.

The KERNenergie equipment for your conference

The KERNenergie equipment is reflecting the high quality of our products. For a stylish presentation of our snacks, our glass decanters are appropriated perfectly. With the noble design, they are an eye-catcher for every meeting. You do not only convince with the premium nuts inside the glasses, but also set a clear signal for your good taste from the outside. In addition, the decanter glasses allow a hygienic removal of the products.
With the matching cork balls, you can close the glasses safely. They protect the nuts from dehydration and are not only functional, but also look good.

The new wooden displays made of olive wood

Totally new in our KERNenergie equipment assortment are our wooden displays made of olive wood. They are offering you various presentation possibilities for your products. Made of noble olive wood, they are the perfect addition for our decanter glasses. Present the products on your conference table with our wooden displays and create a pleasant framework for your conferences.
Unfeeling presented snacks often seem unattractive and have a negative impact on the public image.
Even the well-planned and organized conference will not remain in positive memories if
the offered snacks are not presented well. A professional optical arrangement of the foods reflects your professional functioning and affects the attitude of the participants, too. A surrounding that provides professionalism induces people to work engaged and expedient.
With the right dining assortment and the matching equipment, the work is done more smoothly.
No matter if it’s separately prepared during the breaks or if it’s on the meeting table during the conference: Everybody will love the nibbling’s presented with the wooden displays made of olive wood. The common equipment, which is usually used to present the food during conferences, is often experiences as monotonous. With the right presentation, you stand out and you can ensure positive publicity. Your guests will notice the difference and will have you in a long-lasting memory.
You can create an added value, they feel comfortable, they can work concentrated and they are properly serviced.

With the right equipment for your conferences, you provide a good feeling towards the participants, they feel well cared and they will gladly accept and appreciate the reinforcement during the long conferences.

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