Now available: Individual glass jars

Now available: Individual glass jars

With our new individualizable glass jars you can give proof of your taste and provide your guests in an exclusive manner.
The snacks that you offer to your guests are an important part of the external effect of your hotel.
Therefore, it should be carefully chosen.

What makes KERNenergie special?

Most of the hotels always use the same snacks. They rarely meet the high expectations of the guests, who would like to have a variety of exquisite products.
KERNenergie stands out from the crowd. Our different and various nuts, nut fruit mixes and sweet delicacies will surprise your guests. There is something to suit everyone’s taste!
All our products are of the best quality and the highest freshness.
In our own in-house roastery, we only use high-grade nuts from the best growing areas worldwide. We combine them with different flavor components to create individual and delicious nutmixes and snacks. Therefore, we use selected ingredients, precious seasonings and high-quality oils.
Choose from our assortment, consisting of nutmixes like Safari or V.I.P. Curry, of nut-fruit-mixes like Moulin Rouge or Blueberry Fusion, and of the sweets like Hazel Chocolate Fusion or Lady Bleue.
Only after we receive your order, we start with the production of our products, to guarantee the best quality. A few days after, the fresh creations are in your hotel. Your guests will taste, enjoy and love the unique aroma of our snacks!

Our new individualizable glass jars

Perhaps you already know our precious, individual aluminum tins.
As it is important for us to always set new standards, we extended our assortment with the new glass jars.
Our glass packaging ensures that the KERNenergie products sustain their unique taste. Between the glass jar and the content, almost no interaction takes place. Like this, our products are protected, and your guests can enjoy the fresh taste of our nibbles.

The individualization of the glass jars

The trendy design itself of our glass jar is a highlight. The classy shape blends in fabulous in its ambience. The freshness seal on top of the cork closure is taking care of the preservation of the quality of our products.
We personalize the label of our glass jars according to your requirements. Let us design it, for example with your hotel logo, to be remembered in a positive way by your guests.
On the one hand, the precious glass jars convince with its high-value and delicious content, but on the other hand they also do with their classy and individual design. Your guests will appreciate the variety to your common selection of snacks.

glass jar


Ranges of application for our glass jars

No matter where you place the glass jars, they will look great in every part of your hotel! Serve the KERNenergie delicacies in your hotel bar and your guests will surely stay a bit longer and keep the stay in good memory. Our premium products complement your selection of drinks perfectly!
Also, in your minibar, the glass jars are a lovely change. After the consumption of the product, the guests can take the individualized tins with them to keep your hotel in mind.
As a high-quality treatment for special guests, our glass jars fit perfectly, too. Hand a present with a personal and original touch to show your appreciation towards your guests.

Convince your guests with good taste and request a non-binding offer by calling us or by sending us an e-mail.

We would love to advise you!

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