Brain Food for Events – The right Energy Boost for the Day

The perfect opportunity to present Brain food: Your Hotel is the perfect location to host seminars, workshops, conferences, as well as special occasions, receptions and Events.

Brain food for events – The energy kick for in betweenEnergy that you can eat:

A delicious snack for in between to recharge your mind and body should never be left out. Freshly roasted KERNenergie Brain Food remains the best culinary snack-companion far and wide.

Our luxurious nut-mixes, sourced from the best growing sites around the world, contain many important nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that offer the ideal energy boost to recharge in a busy afternoon or during breaks. This is a snack that will both delight your employees and increase productivity!

Our nut-fruitmixes: A Brain Food that excels in more areas than taste

  • Increases Attentiveness
  • Promotes Concentration
  • Improves Efficiency
  • Creates a sense of well-being
  • Boosts your memory and ability to learn
  • From sophisticated to hearty, sweet to sour, tender to crunchy: Our nut-mix selections are diversified in variety, natural, and offer something special for everyone’s taste buds.

Brain Food für Veranstaltungen – also available in our Glas Decanter Instead of sweets during your break, we recommend our extraordinary nut-fruitmixes. How about our delicious nut-fruitmix “Superfood” – A wonderful blend of crispy almonds, cashews, and walnuts establish the nutty foundation. The slightly-sour Physalis, tart Goji Berries, juicy-sweet Cranberries and delightfully aromatic raisins add just the right fruity components to this delectable mix.

The ideal presentation of our Brainfood nut-fruitmixes is achieved through the use of our luxurious serving tools. The aluminum tins offer a stylish way to transport and store our nut-fruitmixes. In addition, the respectable 60g and 100g tins as well as the KERNenergie Glass Decanter are the perfect display tools to use the nuts at seminars, workshops or conferences. Our High-Quality and practical wood displays, available in different sizes, offer the best solution to your display needs.

You eat with your eyes too – The perfect ways to display your Brain Food:

  • KERNenergie Round Aluminum Tin

    The biggest storage container (200 x 220 mm) with our KERNenergie Logo offers the best way to preserve the wonderful aroma of our freshly-roasted premium nuts. It is a truly stylish and elegant Eye-Catcher that delivers a tasteful presentation. We are happy to consult your Banquet employees in selecting the perfect energy snack for you.

  • KERNenergie Glass Decanters

    Our stylish glass nut decanter with our unique squirrel logo, filled with KERNenergie delicious nut mixes, can be used for different serving options at a bar counter or at a table. It’s also a great option for a business conference.

  • 100g Aluminum Decanter 12-Pack

    Our beloved 100g aluminum tins come adorned with our KERNenergie Logo. Ideal to refill and serve our kg-bags or to fill up as an on-the-go snack.

  • 60g Aluminum Decanter 12-Pack

    Our aluminum tins also come in this 60g variety. This is the perfect container for on the way to enjoy a KERNenergie snack. Emblazoned with our Logo, it's always sure to be an eye-catcher.

  • KERNenergie Nut-Scoop

    Our stainless steel scoop is a functional, quick and clean way to fill KERNenergie nut mixes in a decanter or a tin. The perfect solution to help you set up a presentation or fill your on-the-go tin.

  • Wood Display (for 3 Aluminum Tins)

    This wood display designed to fit three aluminum tins is a sure eye-catcher. Your guests are sure to immediately gain an appetite for nuts with this presentation. (Tins sold separately)

  • Wood Display (for 6 Glass Decanters)

    The ideal and stylish presentation tool for meetings, conferences or seminars. This wood display has room for six elegant glass decanters which, when filled with nuts, offer just the right energy boost your guests desire. (Decanters sold separately)

  • Wood Display (for 9 Glass Decanters)

    This hand-crafted wood display doesn't only address your serving needs, it's also magnificent to look at and immediately creates a desire for nuts. With room for nine glass decanters this is a wonderful display for your eyes and your appetite. (Decanters sold separately)

  • Cork-Ball ø50 mm

    The hygienic freshness-closure for our Glass Decanters. A perfectly-designed fit for our nut Decanter Glasses, it finishes the luxurious presentation offered by your hotel.

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