KERNenergie serving tools – gourmet nuts deserve an exceptional presentation

KERNenergie provides every hotelier and every restaurateur with a wide range of unique presentation tools to truly treat your guests well. We offer various serving ideas and combinations, which can be easily adjusted to different working conditions, needs and wishes in order to maintain optimal support in every situation – choose your very own individualized method of presentation!

KERNenergie Serving Tools: Only the highest quality.

KERNenergie glass nut decanter

Our stylish glass nut decanter with our unique squirrel logo, filled with KERNenergie delicious nut mixes can be used for different serving options at a bar counter or at a table. It’s also a great option for a business conference.

KERNenergie nut tin

Exquisite taste begins with an outstanding design. Choose our sleek branded aluminum tins (60 or 100 grams) to intrigue your guests, and present our savory nuts in a luxurious way, where your guests will be delighted to take them home.

KERNenergie: Our exquisite aluminum tinsKERNenergie mega nut container

This large aluminum container with our unique KERNenergie logo (200 x 220 mm) is a true eye catcher and remains the best option to preserve the intense aroma of freshly roasted nuts.

KERNenergie scoop for nuts

Our stainless steel scoop is a functional, quick and clean way to fill KERNenergie nut mixes in a decanter or a tin.

5 KERNenergie nut card and counter display

Our classically designed nut card and wood counter display are a magnificent combination. They are perfect complements to one another and offers an optimal presentation for our nut card.

6 KERNenergie co-branded aluminum nut tins

Impress even the most sophisticated guests with this KERNenergie exclusively designed nut tin with an option for your custom logo. Thanks to the co-branding, the impression of an exquisite crunchy delight will stay with your guests and remain associated with your hotel.
KERNenergie: Our luxurious Glass Decanters

7 Serving Luxury: The KERNenergie wood display for our glass decanters

Six of our attractive glass decanters find a cosy spot on this premium-quality wood display. This specially-designed display offers the best opportunity to present our nut mixes.
KERNenergie: The elegant wood display for our tins

8 KERNenergie wood display for our 60g & 100g aluminum tins

This wood display for our 60g & 100g aluminum tins is extraordinary in design and a true sight to behold. The front of the display is emblazoned with our elegant KERNenergie Logo.

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