A Connoisseur's Paradise – KERNenergie's Taste Secret Revealed

A Connoisseur’s Paradise – KERNenergie’s Taste Secret Revealed

Delicious Taste: Nuts Sourced from the best growing locations around the world.

Our Taste Secret

The creation of a premium nut mix, with a marvelous gourmet taste, is a craft that requires commitment, special expertise & know-how, and a great deal of passion! We at KERNenergie have mastered this gourmet art and managed to preserve the precious flavor-enhancing ethereal oils of nuts, their natural richness and flavor diversity.

The Selection ProcessDelicious Taste: Always Freshly Roasted

We carefully select only prime-quality ingredients for all of our KERNenergie products, from the best harvest areas of the world: throughout the Americas, Australia, Asia and Europe.

Our “nut sommeliers” – the KERNenergie roasting team, are true masters of their craft – roast selected ingredients by hand, following dedicated family roasting traditions. Their roasting expertise has been refined and honed through generations, their knowledge of nut varieties remains unmatched. Their recipes and unique refinement processes give every nut the unforgettable KERNenergie taste.

Roast-Fresh Guarantee

KERNenergie does not keep roasted nuts in stock. We only manufacture on request and ship ready products immediately – so that just a few days later you can enjoy the irresistible aroma and superlative flavor found only in KERNenergie nut mixes.

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