Where to put us: KERNenergie will enrich the catering experiences in your Hotel

Where to put us: KERNenergie will enrich the catering experiences in your Hotel

Our goal is to broaden and optimize our current range of catering options. By choosing KERNenergie premium nut mixes, you treat your highly esteemed guests with something they expect in your house: the highest quality products, down to the smallest detail, presented in a luxurious display. There are many ways to offer your guests our crunchy and delicious varieties:
Catering: In Bars

Catering with the right Bar Snacks

The heart of every hotel, the bar is a very special place for guests: an oasis to enjoy the evening in the relaxed, lounge ambiance while sipping a drink and socializing with others. The bar remains the cornerstone of every hotel and helps your guests relax and enjoy their stay. Fresh and crunchy, KERNenergie nut mixes of premium quality are roasted by hand and make an evening in your bar even more exclusive. This outstanding experience of taste is served in an elegant nut decanter which boasts a distinctive and sophisticated design. You can choose from our wide range of mixes or create your very own house mix! You can contact us with any questions, specific wishes or ideas and we will be happy to advise and assist you individually.

Catering: In MiniBars



In a luxury hotel, with its high standards, guests also have extremely high expectations and are tired of the same catering content available in their mini-bars. Opting for KERNenergie premium nut mixes in representative and appealing aluminum nut tins for your mini-bar, you offer your guests a nice change and enjoy an additional marketing benefit: we can design an individual etiquette with your corporate logo on it. As a result our sleek, co-branded tins are often taken home by guests as hotel souvenirs.

Catering: The full VIP-Treatment


VIP Treatment

It’s a personal touch, a very subtle gesture that will be noticed. Compliment your most important guests, celebrities or prominent figures from the world of politics, economics or sports with KERNenergie extraordinary delights. Our nuts mixes, roasted fresh upon your order and packed in our signature sleek, aluminum tins, are the best choice for an original gesture. Our experts will gladly help you develop new creative ideas and ways to treat your guests with KERNenergie mixes.

Catering: For Special Events



Meetings, workshops and international conventions require participants to maintain a high level of concentration. By choosing KERNenergie nut mixes you offer your guests a healthy, energy boosting, and delicious alternative to other snacks.

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