NEW: KERNenergie Flowpacks

NEW: KERNenergie Flowpacks

Individualized Flowpacks as a Promotional Item

We’re pleased to offer you our brand new Flowpacks: smaller individualized aluminum bags with your own personalized branding. Next to the branding possibilities is also room for a small message towards your valued customers, employees or business partners.


The small bags are practical for any occasion

  • Use these gifts as a thoughtful giveaway to show your appreciation
  • Strengthen your business relationships with a small “Thank You” in the form of a nutty message.
  • Surprise your guests with a delicious treat.


“Not too flashy, but also not meagre, not too extravagant but still a delightful surprise, it should transport your brand not just advertise it.“

*The Minimum Order Quantity is 2500.

Are you interested in our Flowpacks and would you like to receive a non-binding offer?
Then click here to reach our individualization request page.

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