KERNenergie becomes Partner of Sodexo

KERNenergie becomes Partner of Sodexo

Sodexo is one of the leading businesses offering services aimed at improving quality of life. It takes care of nearly every need a company could have, enabling satisfied clients to recognize their excellent services firsthand. Part of their work includes Catering. KERNenergie is now increasingly satisfying a significant selection of larger and medium-sized clientele, thanks in part to our successful cooperation with Sodexo.

Sodexo - Catering

Sodexo provides the best Services in all Market Segments

Providing 650,000 customers daily with an overarching service encompassing many different market segments. Schools and Universities, Healthcare and senior-care, or the organization of events, Sodexo is an experienced and successful partner that we are glad to work together with. In the area of Industry and Business, it offers technical support, cost-cutting services, and everything in between. Of course this successful company has also made a name for itself in the areas of Business Support and Catering. This is where KERNenergie comes into play, with our distinguished and diverse product assortment.

KERNenergie offers Premium Nuts for clients of Sodexo

The clients of Sodexo already enjoy the privilege to order premium nuts, nut mixes and nut-fruitmixes since August. KERNenergie is enriching meetings and conferences of numerous businesses and employees. We provide an assortment of products that is constantly updated. We are always discovering new and one of a kind combination possibilities made up of nuts, seasonings, and dried fruits guaranteed to delight your taste buds. Providing exquisite Taste and gourmet quality isn’t only of the upmost importance for our Partner Sodexo, it’s also the main drive guiding KERNenergie. We provide meetings and conferences with just the right ingredients to help give participants an energy boost, especially with our Brainfood as well as other specially-created mixes. You are a client of Sodexo and would like to offer delicious nuts in the office? Search the Database and you’ll soon find KERNenergie delicacies and can convince yourself of their quality.

We at KERNenergie are happy to keep working successfully with Sodexo. We are pleased to offer you our extensive product assortment of nuts and fruits through this important business partner, a true giant in the catering market. We wish you happy indulgence with KERNenergie products – Now Available with your Service-Partner Sodexo.

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