Christmas gifts for customers and employees: Top ideas 2020

Christmas gifts for customers and employees: Top ideas 2020

Finding the right Christmas gifts for customers and employees can be a challenge. After all, you usually barely know them and yet still want to make them happy. So that your gifts for colleagues and customers don’t lose their appeal, we will give you a few tips today and introduce you to the KERNenergie Christmas gifts 2020.

Christmas gifts for customers and employees

Beautiful Christmas gifts express that your relationship with the recipient is important to you. With gifts to business friends, customers and employees you show your appreciation and gratitude for the successful teamwork. Therefore, Christmas presents can be the ideal opportunity to get even more out of a cooperation, to create a positive atmosphere and to increase customer and employee loyalty.

Christmas gift ideas

Christmas gift ideas usually do not come by themselves and finding the right gift for customers and employees can be difficult. After all, it should suit the occasion and spark enthusiasm. With the popular advertising gifts, like ballpoint pens or chocolate Santa Clauses, you will most likely not receive the desired reaction. It should be a personal present, but still be appropriate for a professional relationship. Since Christmas gifts to employees and customers can’t be handed over at Christmas, but usually several days or weeks earlier, the search for the right gifts must begin far in advance, even if you’re not in the Christmas mood yet. For this reason, we have already put together original Christmas sets for you, which are guaranteed to attract attention and fascinate the recipient.

The KERNenergie Christmas Sets

With the KERNenergie Christmas gift sets, you give away pleasurable moments. The gifts appeal to your employees and customers through several senses. They persuade with their unique taste, radiate a wonderful smell and look extra classy with their chic packaging. They are in perfect harmony with the Christmas season, inside and out. The contents are convincing due to the high quality of the nuts and nut mixes. With such a high-quality gift, you express how much the recipients mean to you and leave a long-lasting impression on them. The freshly roasted nuts are both the perfect snack while working and while relaxing on the couch at home in the evening. Your employees and customers will therefore be accompanied by your gift all day long, even in their everyday life, and will enjoy it for a long time.

For our Christmas sets we have added Christmas labels to our aluminium tins and cardboard tins and packed them in our elegant black gift boxes, the stylish wooden box or the high-quality magnetic box. You have the opportunity to choose between different sizes of the sets. You can choose the right size depending on the duration and type of business relationship.

Small Christmas gifts for customers and employees

As a small gift, our Small Christmas Gift Set fits the bill. The set includes four different products in our 60g tins. With the Merry Christmas label, the aluminium cans are a real eye-catcher. Would you like to give your employees and customers a little something not only about Christmas, but specifically Santa Claus related? Then our Nikolaus gift set is the perfect choice for you. It includes four of our small KERNenergie tins with a Santa Claus sticker and filled with sweet and savoury snacks. The Weihnachtsgeschenk Set Nüsschen and Geschenkset Winter contain four Christmas treats in the 100g aluminium cans either with X-Mas labels or the festive golden deer labels.

Exclusive Christmas gifts for customers and employees

If you would like to give your employee a larger set, you can opt for the Large Christmas Gift Set. It contains four of our products in 200g aluminium cans. Make all customers and employees, who like sweet snacks, happy with our Weihnachtsbundle Schokolade and the Weihnachtsbundle Snack Vielfalt is just the right thing to provide your employees with its snack variety and brainfood for every situation. In both sets the crunchy nuts are hidden in our pretty X-Mas cardboard tins.
For an even wider variety of selected nut and fruit mixtures, we have put together eight of them in the Weihnachtsgeschenk Set Nuss-& Fruchtmischungen for the recipient to enjoy.

Premium Christmas gifts for customers and employees

The gift sets in the wooden box are ideal for very special employees and important customers. In our high quality gift boxes, there is room for eight of our 60g X-Mas tins, like the Weihnachtsgeschenk Set kleine Holzbox or eight of our 100g X-Mas tins, like in the Weihnachtsgeschenk Set große Holzbox. If the Christmas gift has to be a little smaller, you can also give away four of our 100g tins in our mini wooden boxes.
In the elegant wooden box, you present the tins in a stylish way. After the contents of the box have been emptied, it still provides a nice decorative storage option for essential goods.
Since you can hardly ever go wrong with chocolate as a Christmas present for both women and men, we have also put together a set filled with chocolate treats.
The Weihnachtsgeschenk Set Schokolade & Nuss will sweeten the Christmas holidays for your customers and employees with a variety of our KERNschmelze chocolate bars and four nut mixtures. With its sweet and savoury crackers, the set is a great idea for a Christmas present. Since both the chocolate and the nut mixes shine in a limited Christmas design, the Christmas spirit is guaranteed.

Do you want to make a lasting impression on a particularly important customer or express your appreciation to a loyal employee? Then you should take a look at our Christmas gift sets in the magnetic box. The high-quality black and gold box with its elegant magnetic lock holds either three 500g cardboard boxes, as in the Weihnachtsgeschenk Set Magnetbox and the Chocolate Deluxe Set X-Mas , or two 200g cardboard boxes plus the necessary equipment for the arrangement in the Weihnachtsgeschenk Set Magnetbox Deluxe. With the Weihnachtliche Magnetbox KERNenergie Group, you give away two KERNenergie nut mixes and seven KERNschmelze chocolate bars and thus a perfect insight into our wide range of products. There are certainly no wishes left unfulfilled.

Christmas Gift Set Wine & Nut

Would You like to give away an all-around successful pleasure experience? What could be better than delicious snacks and an equally delicious drink? For this reason we have put together sets of our premium nut mixtures and the complementary wines for you. You can either give away the nut mixtures in the black gift boxes plus a bottle of wine or you can give away two nut mixtures and a bottle of wine in the high-quality wooden box.
We have arranged the sets in such a way that the nuts and wine complement each other perfectly and thus provide for contemplative hours in the Christmas season.

Create your own personal Christmas gifts

Would you prefer to put together your own set for your customers and employees? You can also fill our various gift packages according to your wishes. You can choose from the black and gold gift box, the wooden box and our magnetic box. You can fill these completely according to your wishes and even include elegant accessories to display the products. Simply tell us which products you would like to fill the boxes with. We are happy to provide you with advice if you are not sure about your choice.
In the Wine and Nut wooden box you, can give away a bottle of wine with the suitable nut mixes. Even real gourmets will definitely get their money’s worth. For a special personal touch, you can of course have your logo and message printed on the gifts.

If you would like to make your customers and employees happy in the pre-Christmas period and convince them of yourself, our KERNenergie advent calendar is also a wonderful surprise. Loaded with 24 high-quality treats, it is the ultimate Christmas gift to leave a lasting impression.

There is something for every taste with these ideas for Christmas gifts to customers, employees and business partners. Allow yourself to be inspired and find the perfect gift for the Christmas season.


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