Nut Cereal: Our new KERNmuesli enriches your breakfast area

Nut Cereal: Our new KERNmuesli enriches your breakfast area

It is not a secret anymore that KERNenergie is already part of many trendy bars and bar areas of the leading hotels. But what about the breakfast areas of the hotels? KERNenergie has come up with a special idea and now offers nut cereals of the highest quality.

Our delicious muesli compounded with our fresh-roasted nuts suits perfectly as an addition for your breakfast assortment. They enhance it not only visually, but also in terms of taste.

Our KERNmueslis with that special something

With its important nutrients, muesli is very popular especially as a meal in the morning. Many guests at the breakfast area are directly reaching for muesli and cereals. In addition to oatmeal and our freshly roasted premium nuts, fruits are certainly not missing in our KERNmuesli. We included therefore our delicious light freeze-dried fruits. They provide a natural sweetness. In combination with milk, the mueslis also develop their full aroma. Our KERNmuesli will definitely be a highlight at your breakfast buffet.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and will therefore be remembered by your guests. A high-quality breakfast buffet is a decisive factor for the overall impression of the stay. With our KERNmueslis you are doing everything right, because with a nut muesli containing freshly roasted nuts from the best growing areas in the world, you stand out from the competition.


We created the following three variants of our cereals:

Our nut muesli with exotic coconut chips: Tropical KERNmuesli

With this muesli, your guests can dive into the taste of the tropics. Exotic coconut chips meet pecan nuts and crunchy granola. In addition, this KERNmuesli keeps candied sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds ready.

Berry KERNmuesli: Our nut muesli with fruity berries

You fancy a fruity breakfast? Our berry KERNmuesli contains delicious strawberry pops, freeze-dried blueberries, candied sunflower seeds and roasted cashews. Your guests will experience a fruity and crispy taste experience for the palate.

Our nut muesli with chocolate: Paradisiac KERNmuesli

This KERNmüsli takes your hotel guests tastefully into paradise. Our high-quality roasted hazelnuts combined with freeze-dried strawberries, physalis pops and chocolaty cocoa nibs provide a unique treat.


With our three different types of KERNmuesli with freshly roasted nuts, your hotel guests can start the day right.

If you are interested in our KERNmueslis, please contact us. We are glad to advise you.

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