The Perfect Breakfast Buffet: With KERNenergie Gourmet Nuts

The Perfect Breakfast Buffet: With KERNenergie Gourmet Nuts

KERNenergie offers your Hotel a wide range of nuts, kernels, and fruits in raw-quality. These delectable foods deliver a special taste experience straight to your guests at the breakfast table. Our fruity selection is represented with cranberries, physalis, mulberries or the classical favorite raisins. These options are a an ideal complement to our premium nuts and nut-mixes.

A Positive Impact at the Breakfast Table

A good breakfast buffet is well-remembered by your guests. Use this opportunity to impress your guests with the Hospitality your Hotel is known for, and expand your Breakfast Buffet with a fresh selection of premium KERNenergie products. Delicious nut-fruitmixes are just as ideal to start the day right as a handful of nuts or nutritious kernels. These little treats are not to be forgotten in any balanced diet. The increasingly health-conscious public can already see a clearly positive impact provided by these products.

KERNenergie Cereal – Fruity Yoghurt

Dry fruits and natural nuts are delectable additions your guests can add to any cereal or yoghurt. Cranberries, raisins or blueberries are just as ideal for elevating your cereal or yoghurt as cashews or walnuts.


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