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Minibar: Gourmet-Nuts made by KERNenergie

KERNenergie’s Finest Collection: Exquisite options for your Minibar

KERNenergie is a lifestyle brand. Our exquisite nuts and nut mixes packed in sleek silver aluminum tins are sure to be the favorite treat of your guests.

But there’s more: By selecting our co-branded tins, you can customize the appearance of the label by adding your corporate logo or motto to it. Thus, you will promote your hotel whilst increasing the turnover of your minibars, as the attractive and unique co-branded tins are often taken home by guests as memorable hotel souvenirs.

Die KERNenergie 3-Dosen-Strategie für Ihre Minibar

Tickle the taste buds of your guests with our many delicious Minibar-Offerings specially-tailored to fit everyone’s unique sense of taste. We highly recommend our tried and true 3-Tin-Strategy. That means utilizing one of each of the following types:




Whether salty or well-spiced – these mixes are ideal for a relaxing night in your hotel room. Our sea salt spiced, and with high-quality oil refined, nutmix “Old Country” is an impeccable complement to drinks from your minibar.



Our reliably effective Brainfood is the quintessential snack for an eventful day, enabling you to recharge with newfound energy. Exquisite cranberries in our nut-fruitmix ‘Moulin Rouge’ refresh your mind and body just as well as the fruity sweet ‘Blueberry Melange’.



A sweet treat raises your guests’ overall sense of wellbeing. Whether it’s our white-chocolate coated raspberries ‘Pink Dream’, the delicate ‘White Delight’, or our tasteful chocolate-covered hazelnuts.


KERNenergie Wood Display

The Eyecatcher on or next to your minibar. KERNenergie products don’t need to be refrigerated, which is why we recommend a clever placement around the minibar. The Perfect stage is on our wood displays, with room for 3 tins.


Now for the icing on the cake: We offer the opportunity to transport your Brand and give your minibar a unique personal touch. The sky is the limit when it comes to options for developing your own individualized label with your logo.

High-Quality Guarantee

The artfully-crafted and irreplaceably delicious nutmixes found in our elegant KERNenergie aluminum tins meet the needs of your hotel and will keep your hotel ingrained in the memory of your guests. Freshly roasted nuts from KERNenergie are always the highest quality available and don’t just deliver added value to your minibar, they are also a tasteful experience that will please all of your guests.

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